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RTF Issue-Focused Activation Seminar

Join us in Phoenix for an opportunity to become an RTF Issue-Focused minister in your church, beginning April 19! Sign up now!



  • Completion of Healing & Deliverance Course (DVD's or Training Module 1)
  • Commit to read the RTF manual and return the Activation Open Book test paper. (
  • Listen to the audio file.
  • Committed to be available for all sessions, as the other participants are dependent on you for a complete group
  • Be willing to complete Personal Questionnaire
  • Be willing to practice and share RTF ministry in small group
  • Not be in a personal or a marriage crisis and be willing to find additional ministry if needed
  • Be willing to receive healing from God
  • Pastor’s Recommendation/Approval letter/email.



Come to experience God's love for healing and be trained to minister His love to the hurting in your church by becoming an RTF Issue-Focused minister. Learn to effectively minister in the RTF format, bringing deep and lasting healing and a life of joy, victory, and freedom to the body of Christ.



Wednesday, April 19th:  6pm - 9pm                                       

Thursday, April 20th:     9am - 8:30pm

Friday, April 21st:          9am - 8:30pm

Saturday, April 22nd:    9am - 8:30pm

Sunday, April 23rd:       1pm - 8:30pm

Monday, April 24th:       1pm - 8:30pm

AZ Time Zone (Pacific Time)


Register by: April 12th, 2017 (with all pre-requisites fulfilled)

Click here to register.

Drinks, continental breakfast, and lunch will be provided free of charge by New Promise.




DENNIS AND PHYLLIS SCHEMINSKE are mission pastors with a heart to bring God’s encouragement, healing and support to church leadership, missionaries and all those wishing for a closer, more intimate relationship with our Father. 

The Scheminskes are “Restoring the Foundation (RTF)” Healing House Network members and Fatherheart Ministry leaders who began their ministry as missionaries to Guatemala. There they served the missionary community, pastors, and others for over four years. Through the RTF ministry, missionaries of all Christian walks and denominations were refreshed, healed, strengthened and realigned with the love of Father God. Those who received ministry continued their work, refreshed and empowered to fulfill their calling with a deeper, stronger and more intimate relationship with their Source.

The RTF/Fatherheart ministry provides a safe, caring environment for those seeking a closer, more intimate relationship with our Father.

In 2012, the couple began serving as RTF ministers at Catch The Fire – Houston church. The couple is ordained through Church on the Rock, Oklahoma.

EDNA RILEY is a speaker, seminar leader and certified trainer with “Restoring The Foundations” and “Kendall Life Languages”.  She is passionate about seeing people restored to God’s original design for their lives and relationships.  She longs to see people walk in their God-given identity with confidence and assurance of their purpose and destiny. 

Edna’s post graduate degrees in Educational Psychology and Clinical Pastoral Counseling, coupled with an extensive ministry as a teacher, mentor, biblical counselor, and deliverance minister give her a unique sensitivity to how persons of varied cultures and backgrounds view God, themselves, others and life.  As a public school educator in diverse communities across the nation, she has intimate knowledge of the hurts and pain people endure in childhood and carry into adult life. 

Through ministering healing and restoration across the nation and abroad in multiple countries, she has seen first hand, how the four problem areas addressed through the RTF integrated approach are common in all walks of life and across generational and cultural lines.  This has led to a burning passion to equip others to minister healing and restoration in their area of the world. 

April 19th, 2017 6:00 PM
April 24th, 2017 8:30 PM
New Promise Christian Fellowship
12851 19th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85029
United States

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Phone: 602-695-7979
Activation Training / per person (42 hours of training) $ 225.00
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