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Equipping the Saints

Your church is truly the perfect place to receive practical, hands-on training in the RTF integrated approach to biblical healing. Your pastors, elders, deacons, prayer ministers, small group leaders, and a host of others are lovingly ministering to others each and every day. But almost always, the need is greater than the capacity to respond.

Being equipped to minister to the four sources of our problems that hinder all of us in our relationships with each other and God is vital to everyone in the body of Christ. Empowering each member of the church to minister to one another leads to staggering results! Relationships are restored and the capacity to work together and reach out to others is radically empowered.

Those who receive Restoring the Foundations training in their church report that their hearts become more understanding and welcoming to others as they learn to apply these dynamic truths in their ministry and relationships. As more and more people in the church are empowered to minister, the pastors are empowered to pastor more effectively.

The many resources, hands-on seminars, and live training events can introduce and thoroughly equip your church to walk in the beauty of a restored life.

Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar

Perfect for your entire Church or a small group, or just for you in the comfort of your home, the Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar presents an introduction to the integrated approach to Biblical healing.  It is coupled with the opportunity to experience God’s healing touch first hand in a group format. The Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar can be presented “live” by one of our Healing House Network teams; or, experienced through an online version for easy and convenient access to anyone, anywhere.

This five to six-hour seminar can be presented in many different formats according to the desires and needs of any organization. The seminar presents the foundation of forgiveness, along with the four problem areas that are common to all people around the world. It then gives the participant an opportunity to experience a personal demonstration of God’s healing and freedom.

Issue-Focused Activation Seminar

The Issue-Focused Activation Seminar provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience ministering the integrated approach to Biblical healing.  It is designed to give the participant the opportunity to minister four different times, as well as personally receive Issue-Focused Ministry two times. It is structured to give the participant the maximum amount of time to be activated using the RTF approach to ministry under the direct oversight of a trained RTF facilitator.  The Hope, Healing and Freedom Seminar and the Issue-Focused Observation Course are prerequisites prior to attending the Issue-Focused Activation Seminar.  With successful completion of the IFM Activation Seminar, the participants are released to minister under the covering of their local church or mission organization.  The IFM minister is encouraged to register and become a recognized member of the growing army of Issue-Focused Ministers worldwide.

Transforming Your Organization Seminar

Are you troubled by any of these problems? Employee problems? Customers leaving? Government interference? If you suspect that you and your organization are being stolen from, hindered or confounded in ways that don’t make sense; if you have problems that seem unsolvable, if you see reoccurring negative patterns in your organization, this seminar is for you.

The Transforming Your Organization Seminar provides essential keys to a new and brighter future for your business or organization. You will learn about the five negative spiritual roots underlying all problems and how to remove their effects. You will also learn to apply Transforming Your Organization principles to free your business into its organizational destiny.

The basis of this workshop is the book Transforming Your Business, by Chester Kylstra, co-founder of Restoring the Foundations ministry. Chester presents the potential roots of the problems you may be facing then presents biblically-based solutions to take an axe to the roots and see the positive changes begin. It is highly recommended that every key member of your organization have a copy of Chester Kylstra’s book Transforming Your Business to prepare for the workshop.

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