One – Core Revelation

The core revelation of all Restoring the Foundations personal ministry and all our ministry training is the integrated approach to biblical healing. This is bedrock.

This revelation is that there are four sources of all of our problems. These sources are integrally intertwined. There is a fundamental inter-relatedness between Generational Sins and Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Life’s hurts, and Demonic Oppression. In order to bring lasting healing and freedom, we ministry to all four sources of our problems in the same general time frame.

Our training delves into the inner workings of each source. It gives you the understanding and skills to identify the unique combination of each source and its contribution to the problems in the hearts and lives of those receiving ministry.

As we explore the fundamental truths of God’s Word, which shines light on the remedies for each source and its problems, you will learn to follow the Lord’s leading as He brings blessings, truth, comfort, and freedom into our lives.

Two — Ministry Formats

While the revelation of the integrated approach to biblical healing can easily be incorporated into any context of life, our training programs focus upon two time-tested and proven healing ministry formats.

Issue-Focused Ministry

Training in the Issue-Focused Ministry format consists of two fundamental components: observation and activation. Both are essential.

Restoring the Foundations provides high quality resources and dedicated seminar leaders and trainers to unfold the fundamental biblical principles of the integrated approach. These principles become real and connected as you observe a skilled trainer demonstrate a ministry session.

Following the teaching and demonstration, you will pair-up with fellow students to experience hands-on “activation” of the Issue-Focused Ministry format. It is in this activation phase that you learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to bring healing to a single issue in an individual’s life. In groups of three, you will have the opportunity to: observe, receive, and lead an Issue-Focused Ministry session.

Training for the Issue-Focused Ministry format is available both in the local church and in our training centers. Both the observation and activation components of training can be attended separately or together at either or both locations. This is a powerful tool to bring healing to a single issue in your own life, and in your family, church, and community.

Thorough-Format Ministry

Thorough-Format Ministry training builds upon what you learned and experienced in the Issue-Focused Ministry format training–it takes you to the next level.

Following the same teaching modality, highly trained Restoring the Foundations trainers will take you deeper into the integrated approach to biblical healing and advanced healing skills. Throughout the process, you will observe our trainers minister the Thorough-Format Ministry to an individual, carefully highlighting the concepts and demonstrating the skills as they cooperate with the Holy Spirit to see an individual receive deep healing.

You also will be prepared to lead the Thorough-Format Ministry through a number of activations and practice sessions with your fellow trainees.

With your trainers guidance, you and your spouse (or ministry partner) will experience a hands-on activation leading a Thorough-Format Ministry session, ministering to fellow students. Additionally, you and your spouse (or ministry partner) will have the opportunity to receive Thorough-Format ministry.

As with the Issue-Focused Ministry training, training for the Thorough-Format Ministry is available both in the local church and in our training centers. The Observation Step is available via an online streaming course for local church training, or ‘live’ at the training centers. The activation components of training can be attended separately or together at either or both locations. Thorough-Format Ministry brings deep and lasting healing to wounded lives and families in your church and community.

Three — Training Levels

Over time we have centered on three main levels of training based upon a person’s or ministry’s needs and goals.

The Home Level

Families are God’s unique design; it is the core of community. Living in relationship can be both richly rewarding and open to misunderstandings, woundings, and turmoil. Restoring the Foundations seminars, conferences, and materials are focused on key aspects of healing and restoring relationships to their intended design. The Home Level of our training gives individuals and families the understanding and tools to live life well at home, at work, and in the community.

The Church Level

Coming together as the Body of Christ is our destiny. Helping others to be free to live and love together is a basic prerequisite for effective and satisfying ministry. Restoring the Foundations trains the local church to bring issue-focused and thorough-format ministry to their church family and community to prepare a bride without spot or wrinkle.

The Healing House Network Level

For those called to full-time healing and deliverance ministry, or to bring healing to the Body of Christ at-large, we offer an extensive community-based training at the RTF International Training Center. Living together in community, removed from the normal routines, allows an intensive and effective pathway for training, mentoring, and activation to: minister at the issue-focused and thorough ministry formats; lead seminars; and, to become a Restoring the Foundations Trainer.