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Melanie Johnson

Flat Rock, North Carolina   United States

I have a heart for kids. I worked in children’s ministry for twenty years and was a youth pastor for sixteen years. I have a heart to see the Body of Christ, from youngest to oldest, walk in complete freedom and healing and be victorious disciples of Christ. Currently I minister Thorough Format with women to women; my husband teams with me for Issue Focused ministry. ... read more>>

PJ and Kathy Hanley

Saugerties, New York   United States

Restoring the Foundations is a significant part of our ministry in preparing the Bride for the return of Christ. We especially feel a burden for pastors who are hurting and not having a safe place to receive ministry. We prepare a ministry package for all of the people we minister to. In many cases the ministry time becomes the start of long term relationships. ... read more>>

Brian & Linda Jacobson

Hendersonville, North Carolina   United States

What has impacted our ministry the most has probably been the hurts, failures, and rejections in our life, that have been the soil from which God has shown His great power of healing and restoration. We have struggled in the following areas, divorced, thrown away as a pastor, lied about and defamed by previous ministry leaders, shame of sexual addiction, bankruptcy, and abusive leadership. All of it is part of ou ... read more>>

Joann F. Bordenave

Daphne, Alabama   United States

When I was set free, God supercharged my spirit of discernment. I began to see as God sees and feel as God feels, which serves to help Ministry Receivers stand on the Truth – not the facts. I have been told my many Ministry Receivers that they see God in me during their ministry sessions. I seek to depend completely on the Holy Spirit and His Direction; when He speaks, I listen. ... read more>>

Ian and Hilde Norheim

Gjovik, Oppland   Norway

Experiencing the love of our Father, realizing we’re His children, not His slaves has been profound for us. While we minister RTF to those the Lord sends us, we’d like our Ministry Receivers to be Norwegian or from another Nordic country. Though we can minister in English, we are the only Norwegian team at this level. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding that we’d rather prioritize Ministry Re ... read more>>

Patty Kern

Snellville, Georgia   United States

I minister with a woman team mate to women and have repeatedly seen that those who chose to make lifestyle changes really come to embrace their true identity as daughters of Father God. I’m also a Restoring the Foundations seminar leader and trainer. I love helping others learn “the integrated approach” while also receiving greater freedom and healing myself. ... read more>>

JongHoon & Inja Kim Lee

Cheongju-Si, Hoseo   South Korea

I (Lee) grew up without a father and experienced the loss of a father’s blessing, low self-esteem, insecurity, and passivity. After experiencing Father’s Love and Heart, I now enjoy life and want to help others suffering from anger, guilt, depression, defiance, fear, anxiety and/or identity crisis. The Presence and Love of the Father has transformed our marriage. ... read more>>

Tobie & Diddy de Bruin

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

Through challenging life events that were miraculously transformed in prayer, along with seeking God’s purpose for our lives, we have gained considerable gifting: Bruce is pastoral – sensitive to to the spiritual atmosphere in and around people; Becky is prophetic – deep yet sensitive. We are flexible and faith filled, creating a safe place to seek and receive healing from the Lord. ... read more>>

Bill & Nancy Pierce

Fredericksburg, Virginia   United States

We have experienced the kindness and goodness of God in tangible ways that have given us a heart of love and compassion for others. We’ve also experienced several life traumas. Nancy’s parents divorced when she was 8 (which involved separation from her sister), sexual and emotional abuse, her stepmother’s alcoholism, her mother’s suicide, and her struggle with depression, anorexia, bulimia and very low self ... read more>>

Herb & Cindy Soares

Santa Maria, California   United States

One question we often ask Ministry Receivers is, “Do you know who you are?” Many respond, “I don’t know.” So we have a week to help them begin to see who they really are and discover for themselves this treasure that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. We specialize in ministering to people who struggle with fear, bound emotions, anxiety, depression, abuse, homosexuality, and/or the effects of traum ... read more>>

Winston and Pat Harvey

Duluth, Georgia   United States

We both experienced dysfunctional family life earlier in life. When Pat was given a choice of marriage or Jesus, she chose Jesus and became a single mother. We know what it is to feel unworthy, inadequate and have sexual bondage. And we know what it is to be free! After we had met and married, one of our sons was born with transposed arteries and was not expected to live. But, Jesus met us in a real way and after thr ... read more>>

Jack & Sharolyn Coldren

Manteca, California   United States

While we were both raised in relatively “intact” homes, dysfunction (abuse, addictions and other life-impacting issues), painfully touched our lives. This prompted our own healing journeys, which led to decades of ministry experience where we found we connected well with people from a variety of backgrounds. We have a heart for all people, especially the misunderstood and wounded. Many share that they feel secure ... read more>>

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