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Bruce & Evelyne Miles

Toronto, Ontario   Canada

Here is what some clients said about their ministry time with us. “Bruce and Evelyne walked me through the most sensitive areas of my heart with incredible love and grace, and have helped me to walk out my healing with Biblical truth. Their ministry empowered me to see the Lord’s heart. Thank you so much!” “Bruce and Evelyne are an amazing couple. They are easy to listen to and very open. I fe ... read more>>

Stephen & Francine Heiks

Concord, North Carolina   United States

It is a great to delight to minister folks of all ages. After raising our four children without the benefit of the healing process available through Restoring the Foundations, we really love to minister to young singles and newly married couples. Watching God change people in front of our eyes, regardless of age, is a never-ending wonder. We have been privileged to minister to people from diverse cultural backgrounds ... read more>>

Bruce and Donna Kern

Sioux Falls, South Dakota   United States

Growing up we experienced rejection and abuse that opened the door to self-hatred, perfectionism, and rejection. Now through RTF we have experienced the Father’s love and acceptance. We enjoy knowing the Father, knowing he loves us, desires to prepare us as part of his bride. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Life and safety come from Father. He is our life, safety, healing, and everything. ... read more>>

Mike and Michelle Green

St. Augustine, Florida   United States

Mike is currently a radio program host in St. Augustine, Florida sharing the message that God loves you just because you’re you. ... read more>>

Brian & Linda Jacobson

Hendersonville, North Carolina   United States

What has impacted our ministry the most has probably been the hurts, failures, and rejections in our life, that have been the soil from which God has shown His great power of healing and restoration. We have struggled in the following areas, divorced, thrown away as a pastor, lied about and defamed by previous ministry leaders, shame of sexual addiction, bankruptcy, and abusive leadership. All of it is part of ou ... read more>>

Bruce and Annalisa Coyle

Nelson, British Columbia   Canada

We have experienced and/or ministered to many struggles that are common to people today – broken hearts, disappointment, addiction, abuse, shame, grief, trauma, depression, sexual and marriage issues. What we’ve repeatedly found is that Jesus continues to have compassion and understanding for the painful experiences of our times, and truly does heal today. What we’ve received from Fatherheart ministries ̵ ... read more>>

Tom & Paulette Garman

Norwalk, Ohio   United States

Over the years we’ve learned to be flexible. We’ve discovered that no matter what we are doing, the love of a Dad and Mom are needed by everyone, everywhere, at all times. We can drop what we are doing and bring love at a moment’s notice. We bring many things into the ministry room: experience, teaching, anointing, but most of all, we bring Father’s love. We strongly recommend that you get the Restoring the ... read more>>

Janice Watson

Paradise, California   United States

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. My father was very abusive. Before I met Jesus as my Savior, I thought God was mean and punishing like my father. I have gone through the process of realizing that I am a daughter of the Most High God that loves me desperately. His love brought me out of darkness and into His arms. Originally I worked with women who have been abused and rejected but God has brought the most ... read more>>

Polly Altman

Woodstock, Georgia   United States

I bring many years of experience into the ministry room. In addition to being an RTF minister and trainer, I bring life experience as a wife, mother, friend, teacher, business woman, and church elder. Underlying all of that is my deep desire to see you healed. I want you to come with a sincere desire and a willingness to be open and honest. Come prepared; come expecting your life to be changed and it will be. ... read more>>

Christo and Estelle Theron

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

We have a passion to see individuals and couples receive healing and restoration and to discover a new, deep relationship with our heavenly Father. We personally know that a healthy, restored marriage is the foundation to raise godly children. Through 23 years of marriage we have faced many challenges while establishing our careers (Christo an engineer and Estelle an occupational therapist), raising a family and over ... read more>>