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31 Mar, 2017

UK & Europe Retreat

Healing House Teams in UK & Europe spent some time together in fellowship, dreaming and planning together RTF for the next season.

Lee and Cindi Whitman head the meetings and around 12 teams joined them.

27 Mar, 2017

RTF Missions – Kenya

March 2017

It was exciting to have an international team of RTF Healing House members to train and minister in Kenya. 24 of Kenyans received ministry and 8 were trained as Thorough Format Ministers.  We were all tremendously blessed by the experience!  RTF is expanding in Kenya!

27 Feb, 2017

Mentoring Weeks of Module 3 open!

Hello Issue-Focused and Thorough Format Ministers!

We want to invite you to join us at Restoring the Foundations Headquarters for our upcoming   Mentoring Weeks! Why? It is a great opportunity to jump into some additional training, to connect with some RTF ministers, Trainers, and current Trainees and to experience the RTF Community.  Another reason to come and [ … ]
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20 Jan, 2017

Discounted Ministry – A Special Offer for 2017


We are offering ministry at a discounted rate during the Training Modules between March 6 through May 20, 2017, here at the RTF International Training Center in Hendersonville, NC, only.  The cost for couples, normally $2450 for the thorough ministry (36 hours), is only $1650 during the training; singles that normally [ … ]
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16 Jan, 2017

Module 1 in progress

Here at the International Training Center (ITC) in Hendersonville, NC our Training Season started on Jan 8th.

Module 1 will go until the 21st of January and Module 2 will start on the 22nd.

More ministers being prepared to see freedom and healing!

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