In August 2015 Win & Margaret Brisbin spent some time in Kenya taking Restoring The Foundations to many in the area.

They were very blessed to have 5 people on their team who came from Nairobi to help since some of them spoke Swahili and English. They had been in Seminars in 2013 and 2014 with Tom and Pam Devitt.

They outgrew the building venue the first day and met the rest of the week under the Palm trees.  The participants stayed in a college dormitory, walking distance away, and slept on the floor on rented mattresses (2 or 3 inches thick).  Their meals were cooked at the Pastor’s home and at the venue.

The host, Pastor Oscar, was so happy that there were no objections to the teachings from the more than 60 pastors.  They were so happy that RTF teachings were all based on God’s Word.  The first 3 days were teaching the  principles of RTF.  The last two were the Issue Focus Activation.  The Holy Spirit took charge and blessed them all.