Advanced Issue-Focused Format Ministry Training


You can take your Issue-Focused Ministry skills, experience and knowledge to the next level in Issue-Focused Ministry.

  • AIFM training involves additional online courses and further supervised ministry in the field.

  • Total tuition is $2,195

  • A qualified AIFM minister is invited to become a HHN-level minister and is released to minister anywhere in the world under the covering of Restoring The Foundations.

This leads to becoming a Healing House Network (HHN) Member.


Let us know how to help you to be trained in RTF Advanced Issue-Focused Format Ministry!

Lee & Cindi Whitman Executive Directors
Restoring the Foundations
We saw how radically Restoring the Foundations changed our marriage! We went from having a good marriage to having a really awesome marriage! The principles of RTF are something that no matter where you are, you can use it in your life, and help other people.
Ray & Emily Duenke Members of the Board of Directors
Restoring the Foundations
We love the integrated ministry because there's several areas and God works in each one to restore identity, who we are! We are His kids. We are His sons and daughters and we have every right and privilege that's in the Word of God belongs to us. He wants us to live in that abundant life....