Why we moved RTF headquarters

Listen to our Executive Directors Lee and Cindi Whitman to talk about the move of RTF headquarters to Nashville, TN.

Why we moved RTF headquarters2018-09-19T16:39:53-04:00

UK & Europe Retreat

Healing House Teams in UK & Europe spent some time together in fellowship, dreaming and planning together RTF for the next season.

Lee and Cindi Whitman head the meetings and around 12 teams joined them.

UK & Europe Retreat2017-04-03T15:56:32-04:00

Discounted Ministry – A Special Offer for 2017


We are offering ministry at a discounted rate during the Training Modules between March 6 through May 20, 2017, here at the RTF International Training Center in Hendersonville, NC, only.  The cost for couples, normally $2450 for the thorough ministry (36 hours), is only $1650 during the training; singles that normally [ … ]
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Discounted Ministry – A Special Offer for 20172017-05-12T15:30:03-04:00