Training Pennsylvania March/April 2018

This spring Barry and Sandra Falkenstine, along with their team, led the first training at our Regional Training Center in Pennsylvania!  We welcome 17 new RTF Ministers to the family!  Many thanks to the Falkenstines, Metzlers, Findlings and to Petra Church for hosting the training!  You are world changers!

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Mentoring Weeks of Module 3 open!

Hello Issue-Focused and Thorough Format Ministers!

We want to invite you to join us at Restoring the Foundations Headquarters for our upcoming   Mentoring Weeks! Why? It is a great opportunity to jump into some additional training, to connect with some RTF ministers, Trainers, and current Trainees and to experience the RTF Community.  Another reason to come and [ … ]
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Mentoring Weeks of Module 3 open!2017-02-27T11:12:35-05:00

Ministry weeks for students and trainers of Mod. 2

The International Training Center is committed to mentor each student going through their training. Mentoring in a safe environment is one of the great gifts of RTF and the reason to produce great healing ministers.

Keep them in your prayers as they move on and continue to grow in their gifts!

Check here more pictures [ … ]
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Ministry weeks for students and trainers of Mod. 22017-02-15T09:33:58-05:00

International Training Season Invitation

Do you want to help people remove the hindrances and obstacles that are keeping them from experiencing freedom and healing? Do you want   to have the opportunity to help individuals go deeper in their relationship with Father God? Do you want to see people transformed by Father God’s  love which allows them to be healed [ … ]
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International Training Season Invitation2016-11-07T10:16:01-05:00