Restoring the Foundations is here to help you. We have been serving churches for 20+ years and our hearts is to help the bride of Christ to get ready for her bridegroom.

We understand that as pastors and leaders you see the hurts and the struggles that many people are going through and having the right tool to help is the goal.

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Bill Johnson & Kris Vallaton – Bethel Church

Eric Haler – New Covenant Worship Center & Darren Stott – Seattle Revival Center

Brief Overview of Restoring the Foundations

Restoring the Foundations (RTF) is a ministry based on revelation. The revelation is that every human being has four primary sources from which all problems arise. We call these four sources: Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses (which covers the historical and spiritual arenas), Ungodly Beliefs (which covers the cognitive arena), Soul/Spirit Hurts (which covers the emotional/heart arena), and Demonic Oppression (which covers all of these arenas). The RTF revelation includes the importance of an integrated approach to these four areas, provides an understanding how they affect and interact with each other, and how they work together to keep a person in bondage.

RTF Ministry provides a systematic ministry process in which the powerful life-changing principles of God’s Word, including the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross, are applied to these four sources of our problems.  It uses an integrated approach as the ministry team follows the leading of the Holy Spirit, resulting in truly miraculous healing and freedom. In the process, the person has an ongoing opportunity to encounter the life-transforming power of God’s unconditional love, plus he learns how to work with the Holy Spirit for ongoing healing and freedom. Through RTF, the Lord restores and cleanses the very foundations of a person’s life.

RTF ministry can be provided in several different formats. One of the easiest formats for introducing the RTF revelation into a church, and to equip and release a number of the church members, is the RTF Issue-Focused Ministry (IFM) format. It is designed to deal with one specific issue/problem in an individual’s life in a 2-3 hour session; an issue that is hindering him from enjoying the highest quality of life personally, with his family, and in his destiny in God. Training in this format also increases the effectiveness of Altar ministers.

The next level of proficiency comes with the RTF Thorough Format ministry to an individual (~15 hours of ministry). This format provides time to do a ‘thorough’ cleansing of the major issues in the Ministry Receiver’s life. There may be some people in your church that will want to be trained in this RTF ministry approach after gaining experience as an RTF IFM minister.

The RTF ministry is usually provided by a team of two trained and released RTF ministers. However, in IFM ministry, it can be provided by one lead minister with an assistant.

Our Ministry Options

To help your church to receive healing and embrace it’s full potential, we offer unique formats for effective ministry.  To help those under your care fulfill the great commission, their destiny and draw them into a deeper relationship with the Father by bringing healing and restoration to all areas of soul and spirit.


RTF Ministry provides seminars for the whole church, for a specific group or for leaders only.

Please see below the options available:

    • AN INTRODUCTION TO RTF MINISTRY: Individuals and churches throughout the world are discovering the healing and freedom Father desires for His children. Our introductory seminars share an overview of why and how Jesus is using Restoring the Foundations ministry and the integrated approach to biblical healing and deliverance to set His people free. These seminars are led by highly qualified Healing House Network ministry teams who bring to life each unique aspect of our ministry. You will have the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and purchase helpful resources as you go deeper into Father’s love.
      • These seminars are usually free and receive a love offering.
    • HEALING & FREEDOM SEMINAR: The RTF Hope Healing and Freedom Seminar is used to introduce the RTF revelation to the local church body. We encourage the entire church to attend, so that all members can become aware of God’s plan for their receiving His healing and freedom. The goal of this seminar is that the attendees “taste and see that the Lord is good,” as they learn how to receive God’s healing and experience it for themselves.
      • These seminars are 4 to 6 hours
      • Usually free and receive a love offering
    • ISSUE-FOCUSED MINISTRY TRAINING SEMINAR: This seminar is for those selected by the church leadership to be trained as local church RTF IFM ministers. They receive ‘hands on’ practice using the RTF IFM ministry approach and publications. They are then ready to enter into the Ongoing Training, eventually to be released and commissioned to minister to the members of the church under the supervision of the Oversight Team. Since this seminar is a training seminar, involving ‘live’ practice, it is not feasible to conduct it via DVD or internet streaming videos. In addition, since real people are ministering to real people, we want a seasoned, well-qualified RTF HHN ministry team to lead this seminar. They are then available to oversee the small group trainers. They have the background to handle whatever issues come up during the practice time, and to ensure that all attendees experience safe training and practice.
      • This seminar is 21 hours format
      • Normally $2000-$2400, (as in a single fee for the church) or charge the suggested fee of $230 per person.
    • TRANSFORMING YOUR BUSINESS SEMINAR: Transforming Your Business/Organization utilizes the principles of Restoring the Foundations and applies them to businesses and organizations.  Businesses or organizations have spiritual issues that affect them in much the same way as people who are held captive by undealt with spiritual issues. The TYB facilitator works along with the leadership of the business or organization, to identify the root issues that are affecting the business or organization and preventing them from experiencing the growth and expansion expected.  During the TYB process, these issues are identified and addressed during the seminar and the roots of the issues are cut off allowing the business or organization the freedom to prosper. At the completion of the seminar the business or organization experiences increased freedom from those spiritual issues that have been limiting factors. It is then free to build upon this new restored foundation with renewed business practices and principles.
      • This seminar are 9 to 12 hours

Invitation Form



Thank you for your interest in having RTF coming to your church and/or your event. Please fill out the form below as complete as possible. You will hear back from us as soon.

Please note that some speakers have a busy agenda and have limited availability.
Restoring the Foundations International makes its home in Nashville, Tennessee. We also have Healing House Network ministry teams located throughout the world. We welcome you to call our office or email us for more information.
Each RTF Seminar has it’s own time frame and costs. Please check “Ministry Options” on the left Tab of this page. Costs are subject to change by region and unique circumstances.
Restoring The Foundations will send a team to your church to bring the requested RTF Seminar. RTF headquarters may also have Seminars in the Nashville area and other locations where the church can join them.
You can fill out the form inviting RTF to come to your church, call our office or email us.

When you submit the Invitation Form, you can request a Healing House Network team or our office will select a team accordingly to your needs and/or location. Each ministry team is uniquely gifted to serve you. After we make the referral, the ministry team will contact you to set up the seminar.

Besides the honorarium/offering to the Ministry Team, the church is responsible for their transportation, lodging and meals. The Ministry Team may also request media and other resources.