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RTF Issue-Focused Activation Seminar

Open to those who have completed the pre-requisites for these practice rounds.



Please check PRE-REQUISITES here.



This seminar offers the opportunity to complete certification to become an Issued Focus Minister. The workshop involves practicing the Issue Format ministry four times during the three days and receiving ministry twice. Before attending the potential minister must be familiar with the basic structure of Issued Focus ministry, successfully complete the online Issue Focused Ministry Observation Course (available at www.restoringthefoundation.org), and have their Pastor's written approval.



Thursday, September 6th: 6 - 10pm

Friday, September 7th: 8am - 9pm

Saturday, September 8th: 8am - 9pm

There will be time for lunch & dinner breaks on Friday & Saturday.  There are eateries nearby as meals are not provided; or you are welcome to bring to seminar. Snacks & water will be available at the seminar.

Must be present at all sessions



Register through email: ernakelly777@gmail.com   Registration closes August 25th; applicants will not be accepted after that date.  When registering by email, please include two filled out questionnaires, with different issues in which you would like ministry, for review, thank you.

More details and information will be sent after you register.

$175.00 per person registration fee.  This amount in the form of check/money order, will need to be sent prior to seminar; instruction will be given after registering.




                   Erna Kelly                                          Winston & Pat Harvey

September 6th, 2018 6:00 PM
September 8th, 2018 9:00 PM
Christian Life Church
2700 Bush River Road
Columbia, SC 29210
United States

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