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Issue-Focused Ministry Training

This Seminar will share the fundatmentals of Restoring the Foundations Integrated Approach and you get the chance to experience Freedom and Healing at the same time.



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Beautiful venue, a converted barn-in a warm, welcoming home environment in Suffolk Countryside. Ideal for smaller groups, training within  a supportive more intimate context. Maximum places for 9 people.



Wednesday, October 10th: 9:30am, 2pm and 7pm

Thursday, October 11th: 9:30am, 2pm and 7pm

Friday, October 12th: 9:30am and 2pm

Must be present at all sessions



Registration by email. Deadline Wednesday 12th September. Course may be canceled if under-subscribed.

Max 9 places-minimum 6 places.

£150 per person



Rod & Marianne Billit

As lovers of His Presence, intimacy with Him is our passion. We’ve been walking with the Lord 30+ years and greatly value developing lasting and supportive relationships that connect us with people who also have the Father’s heart to love and be loved. We are also lovers of Israel and our Hebraic roots. We have three children, a daughter and two sons and have one grandchild. Rod is in the construction industry and Marianne was previously in education and the arts.

October 10th, 2018 9:03 AM
October 12th, 2018 6:00 PM
3 Holywell Farm Holywell Row Bury
St Edmunds, SFK IP28 8NL
United Kingdom

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Phone: 402-290-3480
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