Frequently Asked Questions

Training for Issue-Focused Ministry is $295 and training for Thorough Format Ministry is $2495.  There is a registration fee of $25 for Issue-Focused and an application fee of $150 for Thorough Format, or $100 for early-bird.

The 2019 training in Santa Maria, CA, is scheduled for April 27 through May 1st; for New Holland, PA, it’s scheduled for May 20th through May 24th; and, the training in Abilene, TX, is scheduled for October 4th through 19th.  Issue-Focused is scheduled for the first week of the training period.  The rest of the training time is for Thorough Format training.

Registration and application is made online.  Apply for Issue-Focused, Thorough Format, or both, on the Training page. The Issue-Focused Registration is required only for those attending a Training Center.

Yes, whether Issue-Focused or Thorough Format, there are prerequisites.  Please see below:


  • Attend the Hope, Healing & Freedom Seminar (live or online)
  • Read the Healing & Freedom book
  • Complete the Issue-Focused Ministry Observation Course (IFMOVC)


  • Conduct 10 IFM Sessions (after being released as an IFM Minister)
  • Complete the Essential Ministry Training Course
  • Complete and Submit Thorough Format Application, once approved go to the last requirement (TFMOVC)
  • Complete the Thorough Format Observation Video Course (TFMOVC)