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Why do I Need to Register as an RTF Issue-Focused Minister?

That’s a great question, and the answer is equally as great. Over the years, RTF has grown from two people with a vision to a global ministry with thousands of ministers spread across 6 continents. In a word, we’ve grown, but unfortunately, some of that “growth” has been growing a part.  As we’ve been faithful to share this message and train new ministers, we’ve lost touch with far too many people from our global family of ministers. Once we realized this, we knew we had to act to rebuild that connection.

  • Registration is quick, its easy, and its free.

Within 20 days of submitting your registration, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access your benefits as a Registered Issue-Focused Minister.

  • Registration Has It’s Benefits

Your registration benefits include: a frameable Issue-Focused Minister Certificate, free access to review our online Issue-Focused training videos, 10% off all RTF products, an exclusive Issue-Focused Minister’s Starter Kit, and full access to the Issue-Focused resources you’ll need to have on hand as you’re ministering.

  • Registration is Required to Continue Your RTF Training

Advanced Ministry Training and Thorough Format Ministry Training are only offered to fully trained and active Issue-Focused Ministers that have completed this registration process.

Am I Eligible to Register?

If you’ve ministered to 4 or more people and have completed your initial training or served as a small group leader for a live-training seminar within the last 5 years, you are eligible to register.

If you’ve ministered to 4 or more people but it’s been more than 5 years since training or serving as a small group leader, you can register, but you’ll be asked to take an updating course before your registration can be finalized. Course details will be emailed to you once you submit your registration.

If it’s been more than 10 years since your initial training or since you’ve served as a small group leader, you’ll need to renew your Issue-Focused Training before being eligible to register.  For more information on the training renewal process, click on the “Renewing Your Issue-Focused Training” tab found on this page.

Why Do I Need To Update My Registration Every Year?

It’s a great question with a simple answer. It’s not enough for us to simply know who you are, we want to share in your triumphs, hear your glory stories, and be there for you when you need us. In a word, we want to stay connected. For more information on this annual update click on the “Annual IFM Registration Update” tab found on this page.

If you have more questions about IFM Registration, email us at:

Updating Your Issue-Focused Training

If it’s been more than 10 years since your initial training or since you’ve served as a small group leader, then it’s time to update your Issue-Focused Training. A lot has changed in the RTF World over the last 10 years. While the basic ministry format remains the same, there have been innumerable nuanced changes, tweaks, and updates to our training and equipping process. All of these updates are what make today’s Issue-Focused Minister even better equipped to face the issues they’ll see in the Ministry Room.

Updating your training is a two-step process that begins with taking the Issue-Focused Observation Course in our Online Training Center. This 9-hour online course will introduce you to our latest techniques and materials while you observe a live ministry session. Through the videos, exercises, practices and tests, you’ll become thoroughly prepared for the second step of this process, attending a live Issue-Focused Training Seminar in your region or at a Training Center.

Our updated Issue-Focused Training Seminar puts into action everything you’ll have learned in the observation course as you and your fellow trainees prepare for and walk through the entire Issue-Focused Ministry Process a number of times under the guidance of an experienced RTF Seminar Leader.

To find a live training event in your area, click here. For more questions about renewing your training, email:

Annual IFM Registration Update

Here at RTF, it’s not enough for us to simply know who you are, we want to share in your triumphs, hear your glory stories, and be there for you when you need us. In a word, we want to stay connected. The Membership Renewal process, which will start in November 1st each year, will consist of:

  • A brief online survey and report of your ministry and training activities from the previous year.
    • We want to hear your stories, know how you’re doing, and learn how RTF Issue-Focused Ministry is making a difference in your life and in the lives of those you serve.
  • A quick video update from RTF Directors, Lee and Cindi Whitman
    • A lot can change in a year and in case you don’t make it to one of our Advanced Conferences during the year, we want to tell you what is new with us.
  • An opportunity to sow financially into RTF’s global mission of Healing Hearts, Changing Lives, and Transforming Nations.

Once you’ve completed your Annual IFM Membership Renewal, you’ll receive an updated Minister’s Certificate as well as continued access to all your IFM Member benefits.

Register as an Issue-Focused Minister

  • Please complete this form ONCE and ONCE only .
  • If you have already completed this form and have not received your IFM Welcome Letter and Certificate, please email
  • Filling this form out multiple times will result in database duplication and slow down the processing of your application.
  • Your Application will usually be processed within 2 weeks.
  • If you were trained this year, ensure your Seminar Leader has submitted your details to Head Office.
  • If your spouse will also be filling out this form - please use DIFFERENT email addresses.



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Issue-Focused Training Information

Venue where IFM training was received.
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Issue-Focused Ministry Information

Where you do/will conduct your IFM sessions.
How many IFM sessions have you conducted since being released to minister?
Are you a trained Thorough Format Minister?
The date you completed your Thorough Format Ministry training.
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