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Register as an Issue-Focused Minister

Welcome, Issue-Focused Minister!

If you completed an Issue-Focused Activation that included 4 practice rounds of ministry and you received a PASSING status then you can register here and be part of this mighty army of RTF ministers!

If you were trained in Issue-Focused Ministry prior to 2012 we would request that you attend an Issue-Focused Training to renew your Issue-Focused Ministry status.  It is important that we continue providing quality ministry that is current with today’s standards and procedures.  We appreciate your help!  RTF is known as a safe ministry that is consistent in our Ministry procedures.  We want this to continue!  As an alumni of Issue-Focused Training, you will receive a discounted registration for the Issue-Focused Training.

With your Issue-Focused Ministry Training complete, there is one more step you need to finish before being fully recognized as an RTF Issue-Focused Minister, online registration. Completing this free simple online step makes you eligible for the following benefits:

  • A printable certificate, suitable for framing, that confirms your status as an Issue-Focused Minister in good standing for the current calendar year until December 31st 2018.
  • Access to the Issue-Focused Minister’s Area of our website.
  • Exclusive access to our Issue-Focused Ministry Starter Kit. This kit includes 1 Minister’s Guide, 3 Receiver’s Guides, and 3 copies of Healing and Freedom, and three Ministry Cards, a $45 value, for only $25.00 (plus shipping).
  • A 10% discount on all RTF products from our online store

After submitting your online registration, our staff will verify your training and then email your Issue-Focused Minister’s Certificate along with a welcome email on how to access the rest of your Issue-Focused Minster’s benefits within 20 days.

Your status as a registered Issue-Focused Minister will need to be renewed on an annual basis. Annual renewal will consist of:

  • A brief survey and report of your ministry and training activities from the previous year.
  • One online continuing education course that will need to be completed by December 31st.
  • Payment of your annual dues Issue-Focused Minister’s Dues. In the US, these dues are currently $25 per year.

Renewal notices will be sent out on November 1st of every year with a deadline of December 31st for completing all required renewal steps.  A new Issue-Focused Minister’s Certificate will be issued to you upon completing your annual renewal. The annual dues paid will be used to further RTF’s global mission of Healing Hearts, Changing Lives, and Transforming Nations.

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