The Four Sources of Our Problems

Rarely can we point to a single cause for problems in our lives. They are usually complicated and can involve many people and events which impact us on a regular basis. Compound these events over a life-time and it is no wonder that we are often at a loss to discern the root causes of such pressing issues. These many facets continually interact to make us who we are.

This is true for the four sources of our problems and their negative effects on our lives. The four sources are: Generational Sins and Curses, Ungodly Beliefs, Life’s hurts, and Demonic Oppression. These sources are integrally intertwined.  There is a fundamental interrelatedness between each one and the other three sources. In order to bring lasting healing and freedom, all four sources must receive ministry in the same general time frame, with the RTF minister understanding how each source relates to the others.

Before we tackle the four sources and the problems that manifest in our lives, let’s breathe in four truths about God’s character and His design. Understanding these truths and how they address the four sources will help us to move closer to the goal of becoming more and more like Jesus and living a life filled with joy and peace regardless of our circumstances.

Our God Has a Generational Perspective

Our God is eternal. While we often focus on our here and now, God has a generational view of life. He is known throughout history as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Down through the ages, God has honored family and heredity. As we love or honor God, He not only blesses us, He brings an inheritance of blessings to our children and grandchildren to a thousand generations. We call this Generational Blessings.

As we hate or dishonor God, our lives and the lives around us suffer immensely. Over time, and unchecked, our character and integrity become warped. That sin or iniquity can bring curses to us, our children, and our grandchildren to three or four generations. We call this Generational Sin.

As we come to understand God’s perspective and His requirements, we can effectively deal with the generational sins and curses that have come into our lives through our family line. We can then intentionally pursue generational blessings not only for us, but also for our children and grandchildren.

Scripture References: (Exodus 3:15; Exodus 20:12; Exodus 20:5b-6)

Our God is the God of Truth

God cannot lie; His loving and holy perspective is always true. Jesus lived out that truth and perspective not only as an example for us to follow, but so that we might know the truth deep in our being. An essential key to our wholeness and freedom is receiving God’s truth and applying it to the beliefs that guide our lives.

From the moment we enter this world, bits and pieces of information and impressions continue to come together to form our beliefs and expectations. We consciously or unconsciously form opinions and make conclusions. Often these opinions and conclusions are wrong. No matter how staunchly we hold to them and relentlessly defend them, they simply are wrong. These ungodly beliefs, developed over time, often seem reasonable to us based upon the facts and experiences of our life. In fact, they affect our expectations and behavior (and the behavior of others) which often leads to a cycle of reinforcing the ungodly beliefs, expectations and resulting behavior.

There is a truth above the facts: God’s truth. Gaining God’s perspective and His truth about our life and experiences is essential. With it, we can understand our identity as God’s beloved child and appropriate His healing and freedom in our life. Our God is a God of truth.

Scripture References: (Hebrews 6:18; Isaiah 55:8)

Our God Heals Life’s Hurts

God is our Healer. He delights to heal us spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In fact, one of God’s name is Jehovah Rapha—Our God who heals.

The pain of past hurt can rule our life. It simmers, it stifles, and sometimes it shuts us completely down. Understanding scriptural principles brings comfort and hope, but it does not necessarily bring healing. Forgiveness releases us from bitterness and from the bondage of negative ties to others, but it does not necessarily heal hurts. Demolishing demonic oppression brings great freedom, but it does not heal hurts.

God heals hurts. He is waiting and ready to touch our deepest pain if we will let Him. In a sense, His healing is another divine exchange, in which we offer to Him our hurt and He offers to us His healing. Most of us do not know how to go about receiving this wonderful gift He has to offer.

Restoring The Foundations leads you to the Father’s gentle touch that brings lasting healing.

Scripture References: (Exodus 15:26; Isaiah 61:1)

Our God Sets His People Free

God is free. It is His eternal character; and, it is His desire for each of us. Our Heavenly Father hates sin because it leads us into bondage and hinders our relationship with Him.

Evil is real. Simply turn on the evening news or ponder the history of mankind and it seems impossible to escape the horrors of sick people and violent cultures. And, evil is real in our personal lives too.

There is a devil and he desires to destroy your life. He desires to steal your joy. If he could get away with it, he would kill you and those you love. Not everything bad in our life is the direct result of demonic exploits, we certainly do sin enough to wreak havoc in our lives. But there is an assault, a bondage, and an oppression—whether in subtle whispers or in screeching fury—that can hold us back from walking in freedom and entering into our destiny. But, just as God delivered His children from Egypt and led them into the Promised Land, He desires to set you free from the wiles of the demonic and usher you into your destiny.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!

Scripture References: (Galatians 5:1; 1Peter 5:8; John 8:36)