The RTF AP Transformation Conference held this past weekend at RiverLife Church was attended by several hundred hungry hearts. We so appreciate the hospitality extended to us by the wonderful team at RiverLife Church! Thank you Pastor Lionel and the whole team for hosting us! We had a number of churches represented and attendees from several nations for the Pastors gathering and for the conference. (Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Indonesia, India are the ones we know about.)

Thank you Judah Daniel and Hepzibah Choo, RTF AP Regional Directors, David and Abby Choo, and the many volunteers that served us so well!

The day sessions were filled with opportunities for going deeper in understanding the Restoring the Foundations integrated approach to ministry. There were many opportunities to receive prayer and healing throughout the conference. We are very blessed to join Father and what He is doing in this country. Hearts were healed. Lives were changed. Nations are being transformed!