Putting It All Together

When the reality of God’s love and His desire for our freedom and abundant life hits home, something comes alive inside us—hope. And, hope does not disappoint.

Hope leads us to look upward and ask God for help. Together, with the Holy Spirit, we press into making healing a reality, into making it our own.

God can open our eyes and shine light on the very root of any problem, even those hidden by pain and turmoil. As we see more clearly and listen for His still small voice, our loving God strengthens our resolve and reveals our authority to remove the sources behind every problem.

Realizing our authority to tear down strongholds is key to obtaining healing. As we pray in confidence, based upon the finished work of Jesus Christ on the Cross, difficulties wither and freedom emerges.

As we continue to walk out our healing, armed with the truth of who we are and Whose we are, we are equipped to defend ourselves from temptations, old patterns of thinking and the assault of evil. Your life can be restored.

Scripture References: (Romans 5:5)

Making it Your Own

Everything we need has been provided for by Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. But, how do we appropriate it? How do we make it real in our lives?

By faith. We received salvation by faith. We receive physical healing by faith. We receive all of the provisions God has for our lives by faith. Our faith is not based upon hype or emotion but on His faithfulness. Our faith is in the fact that Jesus keeps His promises as we meet His conditions.

The great joy of the ministry process finds its essence in the appropriation of God’s freeing, healing, and deliverance provisions into our lives. When we break curses, it is because Jesus became a curse for us. We apply the truth that curses have no legal right to operate in our lives. As we deal with ungodly beliefs, we look to Him and to the truths established in His Cross. As we pray for hurts to be healed, we can take the hurts to Jesus, who (already) has carried our griefs and sorrows. As we break the hold of demons in our lives, we are only reinforcing the victory that Jesus won at the Cross.

God wants us to receive, apply, and own the provisions, the realities, and the victories of the Cross.

Scripture References: (Hebrews 11:6)

Illumination: Seeing What’s Unseen!

In large part, we are spiritual beings. Our relationship with God is a spiritual relationship. In fact, the Father is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Any meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father and with others that we love, requires that we learn to live in and understand spiritual realities.

Even if we are unaware, we have been given spiritual eyes and spiritual ears to see and hear Jesus. He tells us that His sheep know His voice. This is a spiritual hearing. And, we are to look to Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. This is a spiritual seeing.

Much that binds our minds and thoughts, assails our health and relationships, and wounds our hearts, is spiritual. Our enemy is not flesh and blood. In our own life and the lives of those we love, there is a spiritual enemy attacking from a spiritual realm. We form beliefs and make decisions based upon facts we see with physical eyes or hear with our physical ears. But, there is a truth above the facts. Reality is what God sees, not what we see. He sees the whole picture and desires to share that with us.

As we desire healing and desire to see what God sees, He will illuminate His written Word. Our Heavenly Father will speak to our heart with His “still small voice” and illuminate hurts which He wants to touch. Often God will show us a foothold, or legal basis, that the demonic has gained in our life. Perhaps we need to forgive; or, repent for holding on to hurts or sins. Our experience is that as God reveals, He heals.

Scripture References: (Luke 4:18; Romans 4:17)

Hearing the One Who Loves You

There is a hunger deep within us to commune with God, to hear Him speak within our hearts. Men and women throughout the Bible heard God’s voice. Men and women throughout history, and today, demonstrate that they hear God’s voice. In any intimate relationship, we long to hear the voice of the one we love.  This is especially true with God.

Often, we are hindered by fear. Perhaps we believe that we are unworthy, or we may have unconfessed sin in our lives. At other times, demonic harassment prevents us from clearly discerning the voice of the One who loves us.

Hearing God’s loving voice and responding in faith is our birthright as sons and daughters. Our Heavenly Father clearly speaks to us today. He speaks not only through His Word, but also through other people, circumstances, and through that wonderful “still small voice” at home inside our hearts. With an open Bible and an open heart, Restoring The Foundations relies upon the living and active God who loves you to gently speak and touch the very heart of any matter.

You can learn to hear God’s voice. His Word is our guide and our safety. Together, we will address the hindrances and acquire keys to opening up our spiritual ears. These keys will become wonderful tools to help you hear the Father’s heartbeat of love for you.

Scripture References: (John 10:2-5; John 10:27)

Prayer that Wins the Battle

In a very real sense, prayer is our communication link with God. As we choose healing, our loving God illuminates areas in our life which He desires to touch. He illuminates His Word and how we are to apply it to our lives. And, we have a part. We have a choice.

As we come into agreement with God’s Words, we must take a stand and declare that not only are His words truth, but they are true for us. This does not please the kingdom of darkness. You can expect agitation, harassment, and resistance. It can come in relationships, circumstances, physical discomfort, or more likely, in your own mind. The mind is our major battleground.

God loves us. He has given us everything we need. He has declared our position to be with Him in heavenly places. He has given us authority to act and act decisively. And, He has given us His full armor. As we put on the armor of God, we are preparing to fight for His truth, the truth of the Cross and the victory of Jesus over all that troubles our lives.

How do we fight? Prayer. Through prayer the Lord leads us to submit to God and confess our sins. Through prayer we seek forgiveness and repentance. Through prayer we assume our legitimate authority, declare the truth, and strip the enemy of any legal ground to operate in our lives. Through prayer we bind our enemy and loose our victory.

The battle and the victory is the Lord’s. He empowers us and leads us to win each battle through prayer.

Scripture References: (Matthew 18:19-20; James 5:16)