One – Core Revelation

The core revelation of all Restoring the Foundations personal ministry and all our ministry training is the Integrated Approach to Biblical Healing. This is bedrock.

The revelation is that there are four sources of all of our problems and they are integrally intertwined. There is an inter-relatedness among Generational Sins and Curses which we inherit and which pressure us to follow the same patterns as our ancestors; Ungodly Beliefs, or lies that we believe; Soul/Spirit Hurts which are hurts and wounds from life; and Demonic Oppression that keeps us stuck in the negative patterns. In order to bring lasting healing and freedom, we minister to all four sources of the problems during the time of ministry.

RTF training delves into the inner workings of each source. It provides the understanding and skills to identify the unique combination of the four ministry areas and their contribution to the problems in the hearts and lives of those receiving ministry. Our training thoroughly prepares you for your role as an RTF minister.

As the truth of God’s word is applied to the problems of each source, the way is cleared for a powerful encounter with Father God.  Healing happens.  Hope is restored.  In the midst of ministry, each individual is encouraged and empowered in their deepening relationship with the Father, and equipped to continue walking in healing and freedom.

Two — Ministry Formats

While the revelation of the integrated approach to biblical healing can easily be incorporated into any context of life, our training programs focus upon two time-tested and proven healing ministry formats.

Issue-Focused Ministry

Training in the Issue-Focused Ministry format consists of two fundamental components: observation and activation. Both are essential.

Our Issue-Focused ministry format focuses primarily on the major issue that is troubling a person. Together, through prayer, we discover how the four sources of our problems work together to ignite and inflame the issue. We will apply foundational truths to each source as we listen to God for counsel and direction.

Restoring The Foundations provides high quality resources and dedicated seminar leaders and trainers to unfold the fundamental biblical principles of the integrated approach. The power of the ministry process comes to life as you observe skilled trainers demonstrate a ministry session through the Issue-Focused Ministry Observation Course.

Training for the Issue-Focused Ministry format is available in the local church, in mission organizations, and at our Training Centers. This is a powerful tool to bring healing to a single issue in a person’s life.  Restored lives bring transformation to relationships, families, churches, organizations and ultimately nations!

Thorough Format Ministry

Restoring the Foundations knows that the fabric of life can get quite tangled. The Thorough Format ministry experience examines the four sources of our problems at a deeper level. As we go through the ministry experience, God will reveal patterns and cause-and-effect relationships and suddenly, understanding emerges. Often you can point to several troubling issues, but at other times issues are uncovered that start to shed light on and make sense of circumstances in our lives we didn’t quite understand. While the approach is systematic and thorough, God is tender and loving in revealing and healing our hurts.

Thorough Format Ministry training builds upon what you learned and experienced in the Issue-Focused Ministry format training.  It takes you to the next level.

As with the Issue-Focused Ministry training, training for the Thorough Format Ministry is available at our RTF Regional Training Centers and at different locations around the world. Thorough Format Ministry brings deep and lasting healing to wounded lives as hearts are healed and transformation takes place.  RTF is healing hearts, changing lives and transforming nations through the healing power experienced through the integrated ministry approach.

Three — Training Levels

Our RTF Healing House Network ministry teams are ready to help you bring healing and freedom to God’s people! You will experience an extensive training and qualification process including:

Issue-Focused Ministry Training


  • Attend a Hope, Healing and Freedom Seminar (5-6 hours) live or online
  • Complete the Issue-Focused Observation Course in the comfort of your home
  • Successfully complete a live Issue-Focused Ministry Activation Seminar where you will minister four rounds of the Issue-Focused Ministry format to others and receive personal ministry in the process (21 hours)

After completing the Hope, Healing and Freedom teaching seminar, reading the Healing and Freedom (64 page) book, and the Issue-Focused Observation Course, you are ready to attend a Live Issue-Focused Activation Seminar.  You will pair up with fellow students to experience hands-on “activation” of the Issue-Focused Ministry format under the supervision of a trained RTF leader.  It is in this activation phase that you learn to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to bring healing to a single issue in an individual’s life. In groups of three, you will have the opportunity to: receive ministry, assist in ministry, and lead in ministry during four Issue-Focused Ministry sessions.

Thorough-Format Ministry Training


  • Register as an Issue-Focused Minister (tab is on the top of the homepage on the right side)
  • Apply for Thorough Format Ministry Training (see Training tab)
  • Complete the Thorough Format Observation Video Course
  • Acquire knowledge and comprehension of the Integrated Approach to Biblical Healing from studying the book Restoring the Foundations (5-10 hours)
  • Receive personal Thorough Format ministry (15 hours)
  • Successfully complete a Thorough-Format Ministry activation by ministering to two people under the oversight of a qualified RTF trainer (40-50 hours)
  • Be released as Lay Ministers using the Restoring the Foundations Thorough Format ministry, attending periodic training/supervision meetings in the local church
  • Successful complete the Essential Ministry Training (found in the Online Training Center)

Following the same teaching pattern, you will watch the Thorough Format Video Observation Course (TFOVC).  The RTF founders, Betsy and Chester Kylstra, model the integrated approach to biblical healing throughout the TFOVC.  They highlight the concepts and demonstrate the necessary skills, as they cooperate with the Holy Spirit to see an individual receive deep and personal healing.

You also will be lead through a number of activations and practice sessions during the videos that will deepen your understanding and prepare you to minister. After completing the TFOVC, you will be ready to attend the live training at a RTF Regional Training Center or by contacting the RTF Training office to arrange for you to meet with an RTF Trainer at a different location.

With the guidance and supervision of an RTF trainer, you and your ministry teammate, will experience a hands-on activation leading two complete Thorough Format Ministries. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to receive Thorough Format Ministry as a part of the training process.

The Foundational or Church Level

Restoring the Foundations trains individuals and married couples to bring Issue-Focused and Thorough Format ministry to their church family, mission organization or community to prepare a bride without spot or wrinkle. As lives are changed and healed relationships improve, hope is restored and dreams are renewed.  The Foundational or Church-Level minister is released to minister under the covering of their local church, mission organization, or other approved organization.

The Healing House Network Level


  • Minister Thorough-Format ministry to at least ten people gaining experience and verifying God’s gifting and calling. (180-216 hours)
  • Complete the Advanced Ministry Training course
  • Qualify as an RTF Healing House Minister by ministering to a couple (two people) with a teammate while being observed/evaluated by an HHN-provided Trainer/Qualifier (30-36 hours)

For those called to full-time healing and deliverance ministry to bring healing to the Body of Christ at-large, we offer extensive training, much of which is available online.  During the ongoing training process, a minister continues to gain experience and knowledge as well as receive oversight from qualified RTF Trainers.   When a minister is released at the Healing House level, they become a part of the Healing House Network, the growing company of RTF ministers, and are released to minister worldwide.


Families are God’s unique design; they are the core of community.  Living in relationship can be both richly rewarding and open to misunderstandings, wounding, and turmoil. When a single life is changed it affects relationships in marriages, families, churches and communities – all who that person influences. When a person applies the Restoring The Foundations principles to daily life, miracles happen, life is brighter, and the relationship with the Father deepens. Restoration brings transformation. In addition to Restoring The Foundations ministry and training, we offer RTF seminars, conferences, and materials focused on key aspects of healing and restoring relationships to their intended design.