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Ian and Hilde Norheim

Gjovik, Oppland   Norway

Experiencing the love of our Father, realizing we’re His children, not His slaves has been profound for us. While we minister RTF to those the Lord sends us, we’d like our Ministry Receivers to be Norwegian or from another Nordic country. Though we can minister in English, we are the only Norwegian team at this level. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding that we’d rather prioritize Ministry Re ... read more>>

Russ and Rebecca Furgason

Bend, Oregon   United States

We spent a lot of our lives feeling shame and guilt for our inability to love God and each other. Bringing this shame and guilt into our marriage contributed to what seemed like an unavoidable never-ending cycle of control and rejection. God has given us great compassion for those who are stuck in similar marital discord. We also have a passion for freeing those stuck in a spirit of religiosity and have lost ho ... read more>>

Pauline Ezell

Nashville, Tennessee   United States

Being filled with Father’s love and His heart for his children makes my approach to ministry uniquely powerful. I connect with woman who have been sexually abused in some way or another, and make a safe place for healing to happen. For me, follow-up after ministry is very important. I’ve set up special fellowships where women can come together over breakfast or lunch and develop a sisterhood with others who have ... read more>>

Lori Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario   Canada

The fact that my ministry partner is my sister is not only a tremendous blessing to us both but it is a picture of redemption and hope within families. Our heart is to create a safe and peaceful place for you to encounter the Father’s love as He meets you in your place of need. We have ministered to a diversity of women with a variety of issues including addictions, relationship issues, emotional issues, post abo ... read more>>

Ian and Carissa Smith

Colorado Springs, Colorado   United States

We were trained at the International Training Center and seen the family of healers God’s equipped. We know it’s a tribe with the same DNA we have. We are thrilled to see the message spread around the nations and are willing to go wherever the Lord would send us. ... read more>>

Dawn Dramse

Bellevue, Nebraska   United States

I love meeting God’s Kids right where they are and helping them discover their God-given identity and purpose. This includes any of God’s Kids, newly saved or long time Kingdom partners, young or old, single or married. I believe the principles of RTF are a grid for living as a follower of Christ and a member of God’s family. ... read more>>

Daryl & Lynne Hovey

Niagara Region, Ontario   Canada

Our passion is to help people meet with God about issues in their lives and receive revelation/ healing so each one can more fully come into his/her destiny, calling, and true identity in Christ. Knowing the truth about who we are and who Christ is in us is so vital to living victorious in Him! One focus is dealing with the thoughts and lies/belief systems that infect and affect lives and bring oppression. We strongl ... read more>>

Vinnie DeMarco

Edison, New Jersey   United States

With our mission experiences and our individual callings combined, we feel led to minister to those who are struggling with relationship issues including abandonment, rejection, unworthiness and sexual bondage. We also have experience with ministering to orphans, trauma, grief, fear and forms of demonic torment. ... read more>>

Russell & Bonnie Snyder

Carlsbad, California   United States

Our preparation to be Healing House Network Ministers includes being involved in pastoral roles in God’s Kingdom for over thirty five years. This has set us up to be effective RTF Ministers in the lives of Church Leaders, their staff members and especially Pastors. We are finding the most effective ways of helping people find God’s love for themselves is through knowing Him and recognizing His voice in their live ... read more>>

Gillian Thompson

Abilene, Texas   United States

My heart is to minister to those who feel overlooked or who are located in an area where ministry doesn’t necessarily look like we think it might. I am very laid back and easy going and most of my ministry experience is to missionaries in Africa, where electricity and other amenities are not available. I love that no matter if you are in the heat of the day in Africa or in a living room in England, God is the same! ... read more>>

Stephan and Sabine Roessner

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty   New Zealand

Having children growing up in this challenging time allows us to be connected to young people. Being a young family we know how much we need God to see them step into their potential. Being married we have come to rely on God’s love to love each other. As teachers we desire to train other RTF ministers. We long to bring RTF to churches, companies and organizations to see the power of God transform our nation. ... read more>>

Wayne and Marilyn Gray

Woodland Park, Colorado   United States

Our personal freedom train connected with Restoring the Foundations (RTF) in 1997. It was transformational. By 2000 we were healing House network Ministers and have been growing ever since in getting set free from trauma. ... read more>>