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Terry Fennell

Chicago, Illinois   United States

Because of my background in the medical field, physical impairments offer special interest to me in RTF. The body-soul-spirit connection is so interwoven, as science is finally proving. As the mind and spirit/soul distortions are realigned with God’s love in the RTF sessions, I have discovered the body can also release the trauma and stress. So blessing your physical body is part of my assignment. ... read more>>

Dave & Linda Roeder

Cincinnati, Ohio   United States

Our passion is to create a safe place where people can experience healing and a greater intimacy with God and others. Our special interest is in the area of applying Restoring the Foundations principles in relationships for singles, couples, families, business, or church groups. Although we believe that RTF can restore hope for those who are hurting, we also believe it is able to empower those who desire to continue ... read more>>

Chris and Denise Savidge

Weymouth, Dorset   United Kingdom

Because we are free ourselves, we are free to help others in all areas of ministry. Through experiencing many of life’s problems, we bring much understanding and empathy to this ministry. Whatever a person struggles with we are unfazed by. Having ministered to vicars, pastors and church leaders in most of the United Kingdom church stream, we know that church members are impacted when their leaders find freedom ... read more>>

Linda Burris

Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States

Over the years that I have been involved in RTF ministry, I have had a heart to minister to many issues common to us all, including blended families, couples struggling in their marriages, abandonment and performance orientation. Over the past few years the Lord has given me many opportunities to minister to single women and also those experiencing grief. I have seen great victories in these areas in our ministry ses ... read more>>

Garry & Joanne Maddux

Greensburg, Indiana   United States

We minister to diverse people and issues, with a special heart towards those with deep emotional wounds. We’ve worked with children, teenagers, retired people, single individuals, and married couples. We also have a deep interest in the prophetic and love how this gift’s release can bring transformation, healing, and wholeness. Recently we have taken RTF corporately level ministering to business and churches. ... read more>>

Mike and Carolyn Johnson

Bellevue, Nebraska   United States

We enjoy ministry with individuals and couples. We have a heart to minister to men. Men have been spiritually targeted by the enemy, and are many times under attack. We have the heart to bring God’s healing to men of the church, and transform families for the Kingdom. Because we are both working in full-time careers and raising a family at home, our availability to minister is in the evening and weekends. ... read more>>

Phil & Margi Wynn

Hertford, North Carolina   United States

We RTF Ministers, Trainers, Updaters and Seminar Leaders. In addition to leading Introductory Seminars, Healing and Deliverance Seminars and Activation Seminars, we have developed a Marriage Retreat that uses the principles of Restoring the Foundations to Strengthen and Restore Marriages. We are, also, involved focusing on applying the RTF ministry principles to men and women caught up in sexual addiction because thi ... read more>>

Hans & Theodora Oegema

London, Ontario   Canada

When we were children, both of our families immigrated to Canada from Holland. Hans has been farming all of his life! We have experienced pain and healing ourselves. Hans is a sexual abuse survivor and we have walked through many challenges raising our four boys. Our oldest son was born hearing impaired. ... read more>>

Sandy Blount

Athens, Georgia   United States

I thank God for bringing RTF into my life to replace my distorted self-image with a true identity consistent with my calling as a healing prayer minister. Those who struggle with rejection, low self-esteem, shame, fear, control, and lostness have a special place in my heart. I love watching Jesus open prison doors! In addition to doing Ministry, I am also the Team Leader for RTF Athens, a community of prayer minist ... read more>>

Tim and Pam Hewlett

Jersey, Channel Islands   United Kingdom

Becoming Healing House Network qualified has enabled us to minister beyond our local church to the Island and beyond. We have had many prophetic words about going to the Nations so we are excited about the opportunities that Father is going to open up for us. It is a privilege to join an amazing international team who share the same vision of healing the world, one person at a time. We offer individual mini ... read more>>

Young Wook Kim & Seung Kyung Kang

Guri-si, Gyunggi-do   South Korea

Our passion is to help people who are in a dysfunctional relationship or moan in inner pain or lose their way of not knowing God’s destiny. We love to find the enemy’s lies (ungodly belief) accurately, which cause damage to their relationship, their identity, and destiny and to break them. We also love people to help people to listen to Father’s voice of Love and experience it! We also have a passion for assist ... read more>>

David & Beverly Huddleston

Shelburne, Nova Scotia   Canada

David trained as a lawyer and then as a military leader. The Holy Spirit utilizes his gift of discernment to help expose principal roots of problems and to develop strategies to defeat the enemy. Bev’s hospitality and the heart of a teacher sets people at ease and helps them to feel God’s love. The cares of the world can be left behind in our seashore home.     ... read more>>