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Andreas and Susanne Vogel

Winterthur, Zurich   Switzerland

We usually give people that speak German and almost no English higher priority in our schedule, since there are a lot of good English speaking teams in the UK. Since Susanne home schools Aileen we usually minister to one person per week only (Ministry for a couple in two weeks). By the way: You find the RTF Website in German language under     ... read more>>

Caroline Anderson

Forham St Martin, Suffolk   United Kingdom

During my childhood I had severe asthma and developed an ungodly belief that I was limited and “can’t do things”. God took care of all of that! He has enabled me to have fun while seeing His people transformed, and their businesses transformed too! I also do special seminars and “School of the Heart” which conclude with RTF ministry. ... read more>>

Helen Talmadge

Rock Hill, South Carolina   United States

Empowering women to set healthy boundaries and deal with difficult relationships, personally or in business is my passion. Most of us have difficult relationships in our lives.   ... read more>>

David and Abigail Choo

Singapore,   Singapore

We treasure relationships, and while David is gifted in the practical hands-on mechanics of matters, Abigail’s are in the thoughts and emotions. Coupled with that, safety, flexibility, and individuality are the traveling foundations of our ministry. Gentleness, as well as hearing and receiving deep healing from the Lord are virtues we focus on and have been complimented by many who have been through our ministr ... read more>>

Marcelo and Jaqueline Orsi

Nashville, Tennessee   United States

Our passion is to see people set free and walk in their true, God-given identity. We have a heart for our generation and feel especially called to minister to those who struggle with sexual issues and bondage to sin. We want to see families of all ages restored, living their full potential and embracing their calling, free from the bondage of sin. ... read more>>

Denny & Linda Burris

Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States

Raising our children in a blended family, we have been given a second chance. We had to learn what marriage was intended to be all over again for ourselves. Through this lens, we have great compassion on couples struggling in their marriages, dealing with feelings of abandonment, and performance orientation. We have seen great victories in these area in our ministry sessions. We desire the best for you and prepare fo ... read more>>

Cathie Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario   Canada

Being a single mom of 3 awesome boys has made for a life of much learning, adventure, sacrifice, and trust. The importance of accountability, reconciliation, and forgiveness were key lessons learned throughout my journey with the challenges of living in covenant relationship with a body of believers. I believe that God has given me the ability to connect with the heart of another, no matter who they are or what the ... read more>>

Ira and Gloria Brawer

Boca Raton, Florida   United States

For many years we’ve had a heart to minister to young people. The fatherlessness of this generation and our own past experiences of having “orphan hearts” gives us a passion to help young people connect with the love of the Father so they can experience freedom at a young age. We also have a heart to minister to other pastors and ministry leaders. From our own experience, we know that unhealed hurts will af ... read more>>

David and Liz Ayton

Chippenham, Wiltshire   United Kingdom

We both used to see ourselves as second-best! Liz has been healed of some very deep and specific fears; David has been healed from anxieties. We have both come through some life threatening experiences and these healings combined with pastoral backgrounds, help us to bring many experiences to the ministry room. God has brought people to us that have had an orphan heart, shock and trauma, fragmentation, freemasonry ... read more>>

Dick & Joan Bowen

Fayetteville, North Carolina   United States

Both of us have much compassion for God’s hurting children and a great desire to help Christians know Abba, Daddy and receive His healing, producing a personal, intimate relationship with Him. Our mission is to bring God’s will here on earth by sharing His heart and healing. ... read more>>

John and Peg Connell

Lexington, South Carolina   United States

Because of Peg’s unique background in working with children, we enjoy working with them in the ministry room, as well as with adults/couples of all ages. ... read more>>

Michelle Teague

Franklin, Tennessee   United States

I have a heart for women of all ages, especially teens, young moms, and women in the corporate world who feel stuck, overwhelmed, tired, and lost. There is no better way to see Him, and KNOW Him more clearly, than to be healed from what causes us to be stuck, and feel trapped in a negative spiraling pattern of seeing things through our own hurts, pains, and frustrations. It’s my joy to see God bring healing to th ... read more>>