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Rock Hobbs

Birmingham, Alabama   United States

Coming out of the addiction lifestyle myself, I have a deep understanding of the struggles men and women go through trying to get free. I desire to provide a safe and loving environment which really helps people to willingly dig deep to find the things that may have been buried for a long time in the broken crevasses of their hearts. Jesus paid the price to give us freedom but many times the enemy uses life’s ... read more>>

Paula Thomas

Tomahawk, Wisconsin   United States

I love to see people set free and walking in their destinies. Having received God’s mercy, I desire to provide a loving, non-judgmental and safe place for others to receive healing. My ministry partner and I often connect with women who have been through abuse or are dealing with rejection, shame and unworthiness; we also conduct activation seminars where we train people to become Restoring the Foundations minister ... read more>>

Diane Frisch

Tomahawk, Wisconsin   United States

Every time Father loves on His children it is in a unique and intimate way. Grieving people encounter His healing love. Jesus touched the deepest part of me and I have never been the same. My ministry partner and I minister, lead seminars and train others. ... read more>>

Jonathan and Sandra Ede

Bath, Bristol   United Kingdom

We have a burning desire to see people freed from every work of the enemy by receiving deep healing and experiencing profound security in their True Identity as God’s children. When people have a heart revelation of who God is and who they truly are, they gain a new freedom to move into the fullness of His destiny for their lives. We love to ask God for words of prophetic encouragement for everyone who comes for mi ... read more>>

Mike & Lorraine Cahoon

Stratford, Ontario   Canada

We welcome those who seek healing of life’s painful issues and restoration of their true identity in God, especially those who need reconciliation in family and marital relationships. Our heart is to provide a safe environment for you to meet with God the Healer. Our desire is that you experience His deep and unconditional love in a fresh way that enables your relationship with Him (and with others) to be better ... read more>>

Pauline Ezell

Nashville, Tennessee   United States

Being filled with Father’s love and His heart for his children makes my approach to ministry uniquely powerful. I connect with woman who have been sexually abused in some way or another, and make a safe place for healing to happen. For me, follow-up after ministry is very important. I’ve set up special fellowships where women can come together over breakfast or lunch and develop a sisterhood with others who have ... read more>>

Dennis & Phyllis Scheminske

Houston, Texas   United States

Our passion is to see you discover your true identity as a son or daughter of God; to celebrate the freedom of living in your God-given identity, and to personally experience the Father’s love. That’s the life you begin living as He brings restoration, healing and truth through His Love. We invite you into a safe place to experience a healing time filled with His Love . . . You, your life, your purpose, your ... read more>>

Ian and Carissa Smith

Colorado Springs, Colorado   United States

We were trained at the International Training Center and seen the family of healers God’s equipped. We know it’s a tribe with the same DNA we have. We are thrilled to see the message spread around the nations and are willing to go wherever the Lord would send us. ... read more>>

Donna Compton

Dallas/FortWorth and Denton, Texas   United States

I have a heart to encourage each ministry receiver to see and experience the joy the Father has for them and to see that a relationship with Him is full of amazing moments of grace. To recognize those moments begins to build a joy in adventure of traveling life with God in the lead. Also, God has given me a sensitivity to the pain of another. It is my desire to see what Father God sees in the heart of the woman sitti ... read more>>

Susan LaDuke

Albany, New York   United States

I raised my four children alone and supported them by working as a registered nurse and EMT. I have a long history of seeing and caring for those who have experienced great trauma. As a nurse I have walked families through these very frightening life experiences. Now, since I retired, I can walked families, divorce and single women through life’s difficult valleys giving providing hope and a future. I really ha ... read more>>

Janet Achenbach

Mobile, Alabama   United States

Being a member of a predominately African American church since 2002 has been like a match made in Heaven for me. I’ve never felt so loved by a group of people as I have by my church! Through Restoring the Foundations, I’ve been honored to co-labor with God and watch Him set so many people free who have suffered such abuse in every realm – both the perpetrators and the victims. It has been truly transformat ... read more>>

Marcelo and Jaqueline Orsi

Sapiranga, Rio Grande do Sul   Brazil

A nossa paixão é vermos pessoas libertas e caminhando na sua verdadeira identidade dada por Deus. Temos um coração voltado para a nossa geração e nos sentimos chamados a ministrar aqueles que batalham com pecados sexuais e se sentem escravos do pecado. Nós queremos ver famílias de todas as idades restauradas, e para isso conduzimos vários seminários. ... read more>>

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