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Judah & Hephzibah Choo

Singapore,   Singapore

We personally have been healed and restored from various abuses: from living an uncertain orphan lifestyle to knowing God as The One who Delights in me and is always with me. We ask the Holy Spirit to counsel, Jesus to heal, and the Father to reveal Himself as a loving, fun loving and doting Father to each person. ... read more>>

Jim & Mary Emser

Buffalo, New York   United States

We both have known the pain of marriages that ended too soon. Yet, we know the joy that God provides as He opens new doors, gives new purpose and blesses a new marriage. Between the two of us we have six grown children, three grandsons and grand dogs. ... read more>>

Gene and Trish Platt

Citrus Heights, California   United States

Our life experiences have given us great compassion for the hurting. Sexual abuse, ritual abuse, trauma and abandonment are God given components in our RTF ministry. We also have extensively researched slavery and racism and have a unique ministry in the black community. ... read more>>

Stephen Bork

Coon Rapids, Minnesota   United States

As a child I experienced discipline abuse, which resulted in alcohol and overeating addictions. The pain and recovery from it have given me a heart for those who are hurting and in bondage. Co-laboring with the Holy Spirit, I’ve ministered too many afflicted by these and other addictions and the resulting strongholds. My heart is that all would be Jesus’ disciples, know the truth, and the truth would set th ... read more>>

Tobie & Diddy de Bruin

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

Through challenging life events that were miraculously transformed in prayer, along with seeking God’s purpose for our lives, we have gained considerable gifting: Bruce is pastoral – sensitive to to the spiritual atmosphere in and around people; Becky is prophetic – deep yet sensitive. We are flexible and faith filled, creating a safe place to seek and receive healing from the Lord. ... read more>>

Edna Riley

Abilene, Texas   United States

I minister with and build up ministry teams, doing introductory and training seminars as well as personal ministry. Some of the places I’ve ministered are: Kuwait, Mongolia, Ireland, Jamaica, Guatemala, Canada and multiple places in the United States. Because of the multiple talents in the teams with which I work, we minister to diversified issues and people groups. ... read more>>

Denny & Linda Burris

Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States

Raising our children in a blended family, we have been given a second chance. We had to learn what marriage was intended to be all over again for ourselves. Through this lens, we have great compassion on couples struggling in their marriages, dealing with feelings of abandonment, and performance orientation. We have seen great victories in these area in our ministry sessions. We desire the best for you and prepare fo ... read more>>

Rafael and Veronica Hazel

Palmetto, Georgia   United States

When we taught school, we worked with a variety of students: those with special needs and those in vocational training and higher learning. God used these teaching experiences to prepare us for counseling, and counseling experiences to prepare us for all that Restoring the Foundations offers. ... read more>>

Johan and Doret Putter

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

We love to minister to singles as well as couples. It was a great privilege to minister to children and witness how their lives were changed for the better. ... read more>>

Bill & Nancy Pierce

Fredericksburg, Virginia   United States

We have experienced the kindness and goodness of God in tangible ways that have given us a heart of love and compassion for others. We’ve also experienced several life traumas. Nancy’s parents divorced when she was 8 (which involved separation from her sister), sexual and emotional abuse, her stepmother’s alcoholism, her mother’s suicide, and her struggle with depression, anorexia, bulimia and very low self ... read more>>

Glenn and Ethel Findling

Latrobe, Pennsylvania   United States

Glenn is an encourager and exhorter with a tender father’s heart that desires to see others connect on a deep level with Father God. Ethel has great compassion and empathy – and also attention to detail. She has the ability to ask the tough questions that help Ministry Receivers go deeper in healing. The greatest compliment in our ministry was when a pastor we ministered to said, You are a safe place. ... read more>>

Ian and Hilde Norheim

Gjovik, Oppland   Norway

Experiencing the love of our Father, realizing we’re His children, not His slaves has been profound for us. While we minister RTF to those the Lord sends us, we’d like our Ministry Receivers to be Norwegian or from another Nordic country. Though we can minister in English, we are the only Norwegian team at this level. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding that we’d rather prioritize Ministry Re ... read more>>

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