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Mike & Phyllis Best

Nashville, Tennessee   United States

Our hearts’ desire is to bless married couples and help them to thrive. Marital intimacy is one of the sweetest things on Earth. There is nothing like the closeness and warmth of being deeply heard, understood, appreciated, respected, known, and loved. Being loved well helps us to live well in all areas of life. We want to leave a legacy of couples loving each other well. We are not intimidated by very challenging ... read more>>

Moira Daly

Liverpool, Merseyside   United Kingdom

As a single minister, I team up with other women to minister to women. I also do training seminars with the United Kingdom team. Being Irish, I am aware of many generational curses, not only in my family line, but also in my nation. Due to a background that included neglect and abuse, I experienced a huge “orphan heart,” which included control issues and a victim mentality. I so value this ministry and so desire ... read more>>

Russ and Rebecca Furgason

Tacoma, Washington   United States

We spent a lot of our lives feeling shame and guilt for our inability to love God and each other. Bringing this shame and guilt into our marriage contributed to what seemed like an unavoidable never-ending cycle of control and rejection. God has given us great compassion for those who are stuck in similar marital discord. We also have a passion for freeing those stuck in a spirit of religiosity and have lost ho ... read more>>

David and Marilyn Samuels

Hendersonville, North Carolina   United States

Our background in business and ministry have prepared us to be able to relate to those in leadership in the church and business world. We enjoy travel, meeting new people, preaching, and training. ... read more>>

Jeannine Dae

Manteca, California   United States

Because of the depth of pain Jesus rescued me from, I have understanding and empathy for others in similar places. My life verses are 2 Corinthians 1:4 and Isaiah 61:1-3.Now I minister with another woman who is a good friend. We both understand that sometimes women feel safer and more comfortable receiving ministry from other women rather than having a man in the room. My partner and I create a loving, peaceful, safe ... read more>>

Christo and Estelle Theron

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

We have a passion to see individuals and couples receive healing and restoration and to discover a new, deep relationship with our heavenly Father. We personally know that a healthy, restored marriage is the foundation to raise godly children. Through 23 years of marriage we have faced many challenges while establishing our careers (Christo an engineer and Estelle an occupational therapist), raising a family and over ... read more>>

Brian & Linda Jacobson

Hendersonville, North Carolina   United States

What has impacted our ministry the most has probably been the hurts, failures, and rejections in our life, that have been the soil from which God has shown His great power of healing and restoration. We have struggled in the following areas, divorced, thrown away as a pastor, lied about and defamed by previous ministry leaders, shame of sexual addiction, bankruptcy, and abusive leadership. All of it is part of ou ... read more>>

George and Tamara Burns

Decatur, Illinois   United States

As a ministry team, the most significant asset we bring to the ministry room is the Holy Spirit. We also bring our life experiences and pain which give us perspective and compassion for the hurt others feel. Personally, we have met Jesus in the ministry room and experienced His healing from rejection, loss, alcoholism, sexual abuse, abandonment, shame, fear, and trauma. We have been told we make others feel ver ... read more>>

Mike & Lorraine Cahoon

Stratford, Ontario   Canada

We welcome those who seek healing of life’s painful issues and restoration of their true identity in God, especially those who need reconciliation in family and marital relationships. Our heart is to provide a safe environment for you to meet with God the Healer. Our desire is that you experience His deep and unconditional love in a fresh way that enables your relationship with Him (and with others) to be better ... read more>>

Jonathan and Sandra Ede

Bath, Bristol   United Kingdom

We have a burning desire to see people freed from every work of the enemy by receiving deep healing and experiencing profound security in their True Identity as God’s children. When people have a heart revelation of who God is and who they truly are, they gain a new freedom to move into the fullness of His destiny for their lives. We love to ask God for words of prophetic encouragement for everyone who comes for mi ... read more>>

Kathy Dolyniuk

Bend, Oregon   United States

John and I feel our main focus is to minister within the YWAM community, particularly in Kona, Hawaii. For most of the next 2 and 1/2 years we served as part of the counseling staff there. We ministered Restoring the Foundations to many couples and singles, including those training to be missionaries from age 16 to over 60. They came from Brazil, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Japan, China, Palau, Fiji, and from all ... read more>>

Dick & Joan Bowen

Fayetteville, North Carolina   United States

Both of us have much compassion for God’s hurting children and a great desire to help Christians know Abba, Daddy and receive His healing, producing a personal, intimate relationship with Him. Our mission is to bring God’s will here on earth by sharing His heart and healing. ... read more>>

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