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Barry & Sandra Falkenstine

Macungie, Pennsylvania   United States

Our purpose is to create a safe place for God’s people to meet personally with their heavenly Father so their lives are reestablished on the solid foundation of His love for them. When this happens, it provides the groundwork for the Lord to heal broken marriages, restore broken hearts and even bring physical healing. Besides, helping God’s people to connect with the Heavenly Father, our passion and training ... read more>>

Linda Burris

Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States

Over the years that I have been involved in RTF ministry, I have had a heart to minister to many issues common to us all, including blended families, couples struggling in their marriages, abandonment and performance orientation. Over the past few years the Lord has given me many opportunities to minister to single women and also those experiencing grief. I have seen great victories in these areas in our ministry ses ... read more>>

Warren and Evelyn Wright

Southampton, Pennsylvania   United States

Warren and Evelyn have both experienced profound healings from various traumas including grief, loss and an eating disorder (Evelyn). Warren is known for his compassion and wisdom. Evelyn is a prayer warrior who enjoys creatively sharing her faith and inspiring others similarly. We both have a teaching background and enjoy flowing in the prophetic as we co-labor with the Lord setting captives free. ... read more>>

Steve and Faith Dodson

Thomasville, Georgia   United States

Due to our past brokenness, we bring compassion, love for God’s family and the Father’s heart in a gentle manner and relate well to people of all ages, couples or singles. ... read more>>

Marcelo and Jaqueline Orsi

Sapiranga, Rio Grande do Sul   Brazil

A nossa paixão é vermos pessoas libertas e caminhando na sua verdadeira identidade dada por Deus. Temos um coração voltado para a nossa geração e nos sentimos chamados a ministrar aqueles que batalham com pecados sexuais e se sentem escravos do pecado. Nós queremos ver famílias de todas as idades restauradas, e para isso conduzimos vários seminários. ... read more>>

Marcelo and Jaqueline Orsi

Raleigh, North Carolina   United States

Our passion is to see people set free and walk in their true, God-given identity to be able to fulfill their calling. We have a heart for our generation and feel especially called to minister to those who struggle with sexual issues and bondage to sin. We want to see families of all ages restored, living their full potential and embracing their calling, free from the bondage of sin. ... read more>>

Mick & Sue Taylor

Taunton, South West   United Kingdom

In 2013 we were made Directors of Restoring the Foundations for UK and Europe. In our 8 years as RTF ministers, we have ministered to many people from age 10 to 83, from many different cultures and social backgrounds. We love seeing breakthrough and freedom for all, including young people and couples in crisis. Mick worked in the business world for nearly 40 years and knows the pressures that business people face. He ... read more>>

Alan and Sharon DeBoer

Arizona City, Arizona   United States

We were involved in pastoral ministry for 40 years and were introduced to RTF in 2007. After receiving our own Thorough Format Ministry, we found this form of ministry to be very effective and certainly cut down on our counseling load. After “refiring” the summer of 2015, we felt the Lord lead us to be more intricately involved in this type of ministry and in the spring of 2017 we received the training ... read more>>

Tobie & Diddy de Bruin

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

Through challenging life events that were miraculously transformed in prayer, along with seeking God’s purpose for our lives, we have gained considerable gifting: Bruce is pastoral – sensitive to to the spiritual atmosphere in and around people; Becky is prophetic – deep yet sensitive. We are flexible and faith filled, creating a safe place to seek and receive healing from the Lord. ... read more>>

Hans & Theodora Oegema

London, Ontario   Canada

When we were children, both of our families immigrated to Canada from Holland. Hans has been farming all of his life! We have experienced pain and healing ourselves. Hans is a sexual abuse survivor and we have walked through many challenges raising our four boys. Our oldest son was born hearing impaired. ... read more>>

Janice Watson

Grand Juction, Colorado   United States

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. My father was very abusive. Before I met Jesus as my Savior, I thought God was mean and punishing like my father. I have gone through the process of realizing that I am a daughter of the Most High God that loves me desperately. His love brought me out of darkness and into His arms. Originally I worked with women who have been abused and rejected but God has brought the most ... read more>>

Melanie Johnson

Charlotte, North Carolina   United States

I have a heart for kids. I worked in children’s ministry for twenty years and was a youth pastor for sixteen years. I have a heart to see the Body of Christ, from youngest to oldest, walk in complete freedom and healing and be victorious disciples of Christ. Currently I minister Thorough Format with women to women; my husband teams with me for Issue Focused ministry. ... read more>>