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David and Marilyn Samuels

Kona, Hawaii   United States

Our background in business and ministry have prepared us to be able to relate to those in leadership in the church and business world. We enjoy travel, meeting new people, preaching, and training. ... read more>>

David and Abigail Choo

Singapore,   Singapore

We treasure relationships, and while David is gifted in the practical hands-on mechanics of matters, Abigail’s are in the thoughts and emotions. Coupled with that, safety, flexibility, and individuality are the traveling foundations of our ministry. Gentleness, as well as hearing and receiving deep healing from the Lord are virtues we focus on and have been complimented by many who have been through our ministr ... read more>>

Winston and Pat Harvey

Duluth, Georgia   United States

We both experienced dysfunctional family life earlier in life. When Pat was given a choice of marriage or Jesus, she chose Jesus and became a single mother. We know what it is to feel unworthy, inadequate and have sexual bondage. And we know what it is to be free! After we had met and married, one of our sons was born with transposed arteries and was not expected to live. But, Jesus met us in a real way and after thr ... read more>>

Jim & Mary Emser

Buffalo, New York   United States

We both have known the pain of marriages that ended too soon. Yet, we know the joy that God provides as He opens new doors, gives new purpose and blesses a new marriage. Between the two of us we have six grown children, three grandsons and grand dogs. ... read more>>

Steve and Faith Dodson

Thomasville, Georgia   United States

Due to our past brokenness, we bring compassion, love for God’s family and the Father’s heart in a gentle manner and relate well to people of all ages, couples or singles. ... read more>>

Tom and Pam Devitt

Eureka, California   United States

We are back in the Healing House Network after a hiatus, during which time Tom attended two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, in Redding, California. At his graduation, he received a prophetic word which said that the Lord had given him the materials to put people back together again. We love to present the RTF seminars and interact with people in a direct way, answering questions and developing th ... read more>>

Mike & Lorraine Cahoon

Stratford, Ontario   Canada

We welcome those who seek healing of life’s painful issues and restoration of their true identity in God, especially those who need reconciliation in family and marital relationships. Our heart is to provide a safe environment for you to meet with God the Healer. Our desire is that you experience His deep and unconditional love in a fresh way that enables your relationship with Him (and with others) to be better ... read more>>

Dave & Linda Roeder

Cincinnati, Ohio   United States

Our passion is to create a safe place where people can experience healing and a greater intimacy with God and others. Our special interest is in the area of applying Restoring the Foundations principles in relationships for singles, couples, families, business, or church groups. Although we believe that RTF can restore hope for those who are hurting, we also believe it is able to empower those who desire to continue ... read more>>

Warren and Evelyn Wright

Southampton, Pennsylvania   United States

Warren and Evelyn have both experienced profound healings from various traumas including grief, loss and an eating disorder (Evelyn). Warren is known for his compassion and wisdom. Evelyn is a prayer warrior who enjoys creatively sharing her faith and inspiring others similarly. We both have a teaching background and enjoy flowing in the prophetic as we co-labor with the Lord setting captives free. ... read more>>

Helen Talmadge

Rock Hill, South Carolina   United States

Empowering women to set healthy boundaries and deal with difficult relationships, personally or in business is my passion. Most of us have difficult relationships in our lives.   ... read more>>

Jonathan and Sandra Ede

Bath, Bristol   United Kingdom

We have a burning desire to see people freed from every work of the enemy by receiving deep healing and experiencing profound security in their True Identity as God’s children. When people have a heart revelation of who God is and who they truly are, they gain a new freedom to move into the fullness of His destiny for their lives. We love to ask God for words of prophetic encouragement for everyone who comes for mi ... read more>>

Denny & Linda Burris

Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States

Raising our children in a blended family, we have been given a second chance. We had to learn what marriage was intended to be all over again for ourselves. Through this lens, we have great compassion on couples struggling in their marriages, dealing with feelings of abandonment, and performance orientation. We have seen great victories in these area in our ministry sessions. We desire the best for you and prepare fo ... read more>>