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Ian and Carissa Smith

Colorado Springs, Colorado   United States

We were trained at the International Training Center and seen the family of healers God’s equipped. We know it’s a tribe with the same DNA we have. We are thrilled to see the message spread around the nations and are willing to go wherever the Lord would send us. ... read more>>

Pauline Ezell

Nashville, Tennessee   United States

Being filled with Father’s love and His heart for his children makes my approach to ministry uniquely powerful. I connect with woman who have been sexually abused in some way or another, and make a safe place for healing to happen. For me, follow-up after ministry is very important. I’ve set up special fellowships where women can come together over breakfast or lunch and develop a sisterhood with others who have ... read more>>

Dave & Linda Roeder

Cincinnati, Ohio   United States

Our passion is to create a safe place where people can experience healing and a greater intimacy with God and others. Our special interest is in the area of applying Restoring the Foundations principles in relationships for singles, couples, families, business, or church groups. Although we believe that RTF can restore hope for those who are hurting, we also believe it is able to empower those who desire to continue ... read more>>

Jack & Sharolyn Coldren

Manteca, California   United States

While we were both raised in relatively “intact” homes, dysfunction (abuse, addictions and other life-impacting issues), painfully touched our lives. This prompted our own healing journeys, which led to decades of ministry experience where we found we connected well with people from a variety of backgrounds. We have a heart for all people, especially the misunderstood and wounded. Many share that they feel secure ... read more>>

Mariette deBruin

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

Since I am single, I minister to women who want God’s healing touch on their lives. Like many woman I too know about the emotional hurts of a divorce and the power of Jesus’ touch bringing freedom and restoration. Women have many other hurts which God can heal. I am just a willing instrument in the Lord’s hands who would love to see people walking free, growing in an intimate relationship with God our Father. ... read more>>

Ron & Jill Covey

Brockville, Ontario   Canada

We love living and imparting Restoring the Foundations principles to all: family, friends and those with and/or without a relationship with God. We do this through personal ministry and also by teaching, training, and loving people back to health and wholeness. We often find God leads us to minister to those seeking to overcome dual soul issues and/or soul battles ... read more>>

Ian and Hilde Norheim

Gjovik, Oppland   Norway

Experiencing the love of our Father, realizing we’re His children, not His slaves has been profound for us. While we minister RTF to those the Lord sends us, we’d like our Ministry Receivers to be Norwegian or from another Nordic country. Though we can minister in English, we are the only Norwegian team at this level. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding that we’d rather prioritize Ministry Re ... read more>>

Diane Frisch

Tomahawk, Wisconsin   United States

Every time Father loves on His children it is in a unique and intimate way. Grieving people encounter His healing love. Jesus touched the deepest part of me and I have never been the same. My ministry partner and I minister, lead seminars and train others. ... read more>>

Lynne Loving

Mableton, Georgia   United States

RTF ministry brings lasting healing from life’s emotional wounds. With the leading of Holy Spirit, the Lord’s gentle touch soothes, restores, and heals a person’s emotional pains. No longer will you be a victim of life’s circumstances but rather a victor, able to overcome profoundly rooted pain. Become free from sorrow, anger, fear, and unforgiveness, and find God as the Father you are able to rel ... read more>>

Craig & Wendy Bellis

Washington, Pennsylvania   United States

Our heart is to provide a safe, non-judgmental place where ministry receivers feel free to be open and receive healing and freedom in the broken areas of their lives. Since much of our pain comes from the people we love the most, we have a passion to see marriages and families healed and strengthened. We are also called to be instruments of healing for the pain that is caused by broken relationships in the local chur ... read more>>

Wayne and Marilyn Gray

Woodland Park, Colorado   United States

Our personal freedom train connected with Restoring the Foundations (RTF) in 1997. It was transformational. By 2000 we were healing House network Ministers and have been growing ever since in getting set free from trauma. ... read more>>

Kathleen Graham

Phoenix, Arizona   United States

My heart breaks for the many believers in Christ who bravely put on their “I’m okay” face while hoping that someday if they pray enough or fast enough or listen to the right sermon or read the right book, they will find a way to recover the messed up places of their lives and fulfill their destiny. But, nothing seems to really work and time marches forward… I was this person until Restoring the Foundations un ... read more>>