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Caroline Anderson

Forham St Martin, Suffolk   United Kingdom

During my childhood I had severe asthma and developed an ungodly belief that I was limited and “can’t do things”. God took care of all of that! He has enabled me to have fun while seeing His people transformed, and their businesses transformed too! I also do special seminars and “School of the Heart” which conclude with RTF ministry. ... read more>>

Herb & Cindy Soares

Santa Maria, California   United States

One question we often ask Ministry Receivers is, “Do you know who you are?” Many respond, “I don’t know.” So we have a week to help them begin to see who they really are and discover for themselves this treasure that they can enjoy for the rest of their lives. We specialize in ministering to people who struggle with fear, bound emotions, anxiety, depression, abuse, homosexuality, and/or the effects of traum ... read more>>

Lynn Eldridge

Decatur, Illinois   United States

My heart breaks for those sitting in church as a “defeated Christian”. Jesus did not die for us to live in defeat. He gives us victory and healing! I want Christians everywhere to know that God has made a way just for you through the work of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection. My passion is to bring RTF training and equipping to churches and organizations. ... read more>>

Phil & Margi Wynn

Hertford, North Carolina   United States

We RTF Ministers, Trainers, Updaters and Seminar Leaders. In addition to leading Introductory Seminars, Healing and Deliverance Seminars and Activation Seminars, we have developed a Marriage Retreat that uses the principles of Restoring the Foundations to Strengthen and Restore Marriages. We are, also, involved focusing on applying the RTF ministry principles to men and women caught up in sexual addiction because thi ... read more>>

Dennis and Diane Unrau

West Kelowna, B.C   Canada

Having been involved with a children’s home ministry in Mexico for so many years, we have seen the effects of abandonment and abuse in people’s lives. We used the trust we had built over the years and the Restoring the Foundations training we had received to facilitate the Lord reaching in and healing the deep parts of both the children’s and caregivers’ hearts. Now that we are back in Canada, we are able t ... read more>>

Wayne and Marilyn Gray

Lacey, Washington   United States

Our personal freedom train connected with Restoring the Foundations (RTF) in 1997. It was transformational. By 2000 we were healing House network Ministers and have been growing ever since in getting set free from trauma. ... read more>>

Bruce and Donna Kern

Sioux Falls, South Dakota   United States

Growing up we experienced rejection and abuse that opened the door to self-hatred, perfectionism, and rejection. Now through RTF we have experienced the Father’s love and acceptance. We enjoy knowing the Father, knowing he loves us, desires to prepare us as part of his bride. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Life and safety come from Father. He is our life, safety, healing, and everything. ... read more>>

Tom & Paulette Garman

Norwalk, Ohio   United States

Over the years we’ve learned to be flexible. We’ve discovered that no matter what we are doing, the love of a Dad and Mom are needed by everyone, everywhere, at all times. We can drop what we are doing and bring love at a moment’s notice. We bring many things into the ministry room: experience, teaching, anointing, but most of all, we bring Father’s love. We strongly recommend that you get the Restoring the ... read more>>

Andy and Mandy Drake

Salisbury, Wiltshire   United Kingdom

Becoming Healing House Network qualified has enabled us to reach out beyond our local community, to a broader cross-section of people and join an amazing international team who share the same vision of healing the world, one person at a time. We chose to train and qualify in the States at the International Training Centre, immersing ourselves in the culture of RTF for four and a half months. We offer individual min ... read more>>

Stephan and Sabine Roessner

Tauranga, Bay of Plenty   New Zealand

Having children growing up in this challenging time allows us to be connected to young people. Being a young family we know how much we need God to see them step into their potential. Being married we have come to rely on God’s love to love each other. As teachers we desire to train other RTF ministers. We long to bring RTF to churches, companies and organizations to see the power of God transform our nation. ... read more>>

Kathy Dolyniuk

Bend, Oregon   United States

John and I feel our main focus is to minister within the YWAM community, particularly in Kona, Hawaii. For most of the next 2 and 1/2 years we served as part of the counseling staff there. We ministered Restoring the Foundations to many couples and singles, including those training to be missionaries from age 16 to over 60. They came from Brazil, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Japan, China, Palau, Fiji, and from all ... read more>>

Chris and Denise Savidge

Weymouth, Dorset   United Kingdom

Because we are free ourselves, we are free to help others in all areas of ministry. Through experiencing many of life’s problems, we bring much understanding and empathy to this ministry. Whatever a person struggles with we are unfazed by. Having ministered to vicars, pastors and church leaders in most of the United Kingdom church stream, we know that church members are impacted when their leaders find freedom ... read more>>

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