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Andreas and Susanne Vogel

Winterthur, Zurich   Switzerland

We usually give people that speak German and almost no English higher priority in our schedule, since there are a lot of good English speaking teams in the UK. Since Susanne home schools Aileen we usually minister to one person per week only (Ministry for a couple in two weeks). By the way: You find the RTF Website in German language under     ... read more>>

Stephen Bork

Coon Rapids, Minnesota   United States

As a child I experienced discipline abuse, which resulted in alcohol and overeating addictions. The pain and recovery from it have given me a heart for those who are hurting and in bondage. Co-laboring with the Holy Spirit, I’ve ministered too many afflicted by these and other addictions and the resulting strongholds. My heart is that all would be Jesus’ disciples, know the truth, and the truth would set th ... read more>>

Kathleen Graham

Phoenix, Arizona   United States

My heart breaks for the many believers in Christ who bravely put on their “I’m okay” face while hoping that someday if they pray enough or fast enough or listen to the right sermon or read the right book, they will find a way to recover the messed up places of their lives and fulfill their destiny. But, nothing seems to really work and time marches forward… I was this person until Restoring the Foundations un ... read more>>

Dave & Linda Roeder

Cincinnati, Ohio   United States

Our passion is to create a safe place where people can experience healing and a greater intimacy with God and others. Our special interest is in the area of applying Restoring the Foundations principles in relationships for singles, couples, families, business, or church groups. Although we believe that RTF can restore hope for those who are hurting, we also believe it is able to empower those who desire to continue ... read more>>

Wendy Lerma

McKinney, Texas   United States

With over 25 years of full-time ministry experience, I’ve had the honor and privilege of leading and developing teenage girls as well as women in all stages of life. Ministering to teenage girls is a passion of mine because these formative years are crucial in building a strong foundation and understanding of the love of Jesus. It is His love that casts out all fear and it is in His love that we find perfect res ... read more>>

Christo and Estelle Theron

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

We have a passion to see individuals and couples receive healing and restoration and to discover a new, deep relationship with our heavenly Father. We personally know that a healthy, restored marriage is the foundation to raise godly children. Through 23 years of marriage we have faced many challenges while establishing our careers (Christo an engineer and Estelle an occupational therapist), raising a family and over ... read more>>

JongHoon & Inja Kim Lee

Chungcheongbuk-do,   South Korea

I (Lee) grew up without a father and experienced the loss of a father’s blessing, low self-esteem, insecurity, and passivity. After experiencing Father’s Love and Heart, I now enjoy life and want to help others suffering from anger, guilt, depression, defiance, fear, anxiety and/or identity crisis. The Presence and Love of the Father has transformed our marriage. ... read more>>

Dennis and Diane Unrau

West Kelowna, B.C   Canada

Having been involved with a children’s home ministry in Mexico for so many years, we have seen the effects of abandonment and abuse in people’s lives. We used the trust we had built over the years and the Restoring the Foundations training we had received to facilitate the Lord reaching in and healing the deep parts of both the children’s and caregivers’ hearts. Now that we are back in Canada, we are able to ... read more>>

Carmen Nichola Dickson

Montego Bay, St. James   Jamaica

The Lord has gifted me with an ability to show great compassion and love to those he sends for freedom in the ministry room, allowing them to feel comfortable, let down their guard, and entrust themselves to HOLY SPIRIT for HIM to set them free. ... read more>>

Janet Achenbach

Mobile, Alabama   United States

Being a member of a predominately African American church since 2002 has been like a match made in Heaven for me. I’ve never felt so loved by a group of people as I have by my church! Through Restoring the Foundations, I’ve been honored to co-labor with God and watch Him set so many people free who have suffered such abuse in every realm – both the perpetrators and the victims. It has been truly transformat ... read more>>

Elyssa Emerick

Manteca, California   United States

Life is hard, on the young and old. Many of us were wounded as children by the choices of our parents, grand parents, or those who were supposed to protect us. We all have hurts, and failures. Sometimes, like Peter, we bring these wounds on ourselves by doing the very things we vowed we never would do. Other times, these wounding’s come from those who said they loved us. No matter how you got where you are today, ... read more>>

Hans & Theodora Oegema

London, Ontario   Canada

When we were children, both of our families immigrated to Canada from Holland. Hans has been farming all of his life! We have experienced pain and healing ourselves. Hans is a sexual abuse survivor and we have walked through many challenges raising our four boys. Our oldest son was born hearing impaired. ... read more>>