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Dennis and Diane Unrau

West Kelowna, B.C   Canada

Having been involved with a children’s home ministry in Mexico for so many years, we have seen the effects of abandonment and abuse in people’s lives. We used the trust we had built over the years and the Restoring the Foundations training we had received to facilitate the Lord reaching in and healing the deep parts of both the children’s and caregivers’ hearts. Now that we are back in Canada, we are able to ... read more>>

Lori Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario   Canada

The fact that my ministry partner is my sister is not only a tremendous blessing to us both but it is a picture of redemption and hope within families. Our heart is to create a safe and peaceful place for you to encounter the Father’s love as He meets you in your place of need. We have ministered to a diversity of women with a variety of issues including addictions, relationship issues, emotional issues, post abo ... read more>>

Linda Burris

Tulsa, Oklahoma   United States

Over the years that I have been involved in RTF ministry, I have had a heart to minister to many issues common to us all, including blended families, couples struggling in their marriages, abandonment and performance orientation. Over the past few years the Lord has given me many opportunities to minister to single women and also those experiencing grief. I have seen great victories in these areas in our ministry ses ... read more>>

Mike and Carolyn Johnson

Bellevue, Nebraska   United States

We enjoy ministry with individuals and couples. We have a heart to minister to men. Men have been spiritually targeted by the enemy, and are many times under attack. We have the heart to bring God’s healing to men of the church, and transform families for the Kingdom. Because we are both working in full-time careers and raising a family at home, our availability to minister is in the evening and weekends. ... read more>>

Janice Watson

Grand Juction, Colorado   United States

I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. My father was very abusive. Before I met Jesus as my Savior, I thought God was mean and punishing like my father. I have gone through the process of realizing that I am a daughter of the Most High God that loves me desperately. His love brought me out of darkness and into His arms. Originally I worked with women who have been abused and rejected but God has brought the most ... read more>>

Kimberly Butler

Findlay, Ohio   United States

My life statement is: “Freeing people to free people.” Through the Holy Spirit, I am enabled to see the potential God has put within individuals, speak life to it and call it forth. ... read more>>

Jeannine Dae

Manteca, California   United States

Because of the depth of pain Jesus rescued me from, I have understanding and empathy for others in similar places. My life verses are 2 Corinthians 1:4 and Isaiah 61:1-3.Now I minister with another woman who is a good friend. We both understand that sometimes women feel safer and more comfortable receiving ministry from other women rather than having a man in the room. My partner and I create a loving, peaceful, safe ... read more>>

David and Marilyn Samuels

Kona, Hawaii   United States

Our background in business and ministry have prepared us to be able to relate to those in leadership in the church and business world. We enjoy travel, meeting new people, preaching, and training. ... read more>>

Ian and Hilde Norheim

Gjovik, Oppland   Norway

Experiencing the love of our Father, realizing we’re His children, not His slaves has been profound for us. While we minister RTF to those the Lord sends us, we’d like our Ministry Receivers to be Norwegian or from another Nordic country. Though we can minister in English, we are the only Norwegian team at this level. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding that we’d rather prioritize Ministry Re ... read more>>

Andreas and Susanne Vogel

Winterthur, Zurich   Switzerland

We usually give people that speak German and almost no English higher priority in our schedule, since there are a lot of good English speaking teams in the UK. Since Susanne home schools Aileen we usually minister to one person per week only (Ministry for a couple in two weeks). By the way: You find the RTF Website in German language under     ... read more>>

Winston and Pat Harvey

Duluth, Georgia   United States

We both experienced dysfunctional family life earlier in life. When Pat was given a choice of marriage or Jesus, she chose Jesus and became a single mother. We know what it is to feel unworthy, inadequate and have sexual bondage. And we know what it is to be free! After we had met and married, one of our sons was born with transposed arteries and was not expected to live. But, Jesus met us in a real way and after thr ... read more>>

Dawn Dramse

Bellevue, Nebraska   United States

I love meeting God’s Kids right where they are and helping them discover their God-given identity and purpose. This includes any of God’s Kids, newly saved or long time Kingdom partners, young or old, single or married. I believe the principles of RTF are a grid for living as a follower of Christ and a member of God’s family. ... read more>>