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Harry & Sandy Day

Conneautville, Pennsylvania   United States

We are very approachable, and people feel safe with us. We have a father and mother’s heart for God’s children of all ages. Our ministry connects well with people who have been abused by the church, including wounded pastors and those with sexual addictions. Additionally, in our Restoring the Foundation ministry help is available for children. ... read more>>

David & Jocelyn Barry

Fountain Inn, South Carolina   United States

Integrating Restoring the Foundations principles with the training we’ve received from Father Heart Ministries is life changing! By allowing our arms to be the Father’s arms, we’ve seen Him give much comfort, love and deep healing to our ministry receivers. We emphasize walking out these amazing truths and make ourselves available to our ministry receivers on a long-term basis if they desire it. Additionally, w ... read more>>

Steve and Faith Dodson

Thomasville, Georgia   United States

Due to our past brokenness, we bring compassion, love for God’s family and the Father’s heart in a gentle manner and relate well to people of all ages, couples or singles. ... read more>>

Melanie Johnson

Charlotte, North Carolina   United States

I have a heart for kids. I worked in children’s ministry for twenty years and was a youth pastor for sixteen years. I have a heart to see the Body of Christ, from youngest to oldest, walk in complete freedom and healing and be victorious disciples of Christ. Currently I minister Thorough Format with women to women; my husband teams with me for Issue Focused ministry. ... read more>>

Murray & Heather McCall

Orewa, Hibiscus Coast   New Zealand

Seeing victims become victorious overcomers is something we can intimately relate with since we both had some significant challenges to overcome. Murray was healed from the traumatic results of childhood sexual abuse and Heather received freedom from very low self-worth stemming from an Ungodly Belief that took root in childhood because she was labeled dyslexic. ... read more>>

Russ and Rebecca Furgason

Bend, Oregon   United States

We spent a lot of our lives feeling shame and guilt for our inability to love God and each other. Bringing this shame and guilt into our marriage contributed to what seemed like an unavoidable never-ending cycle of control and rejection. God has given us great compassion for those who are stuck in similar marital discord. We also have a passion for freeing those stuck in a spirit of religiosity and have lost ho ... read more>>

Elyssa Emerick

Manteca, California   United States

I was raised to be very strong and independent, and not to depend upon another person, especially a man. You can see the problems this could cause in a marriage. God began to teach me that I did not have to live my life alone. I did not have to be in control to be happy. I could share my life Him and others, especially my husband. I began to see patterns in my life that needed to be broken, mountains that did not n ... read more>>

Gene and Trish Platt

Citrus Heights, California   United States

Our life experiences have given us great compassion for the hurting. Sexual abuse, ritual abuse, trauma and abandonment are God given components in our RTF ministry. We also have extensively researched slavery and racism and have a unique ministry in the black community. ... read more>>

Edna Riley

Abilene, Texas   United States

I minister with and build up ministry teams, doing introductory and training seminars as well as personal ministry. Some of the places I’ve ministered are: Kuwait, Mongolia, Ireland, Jamaica, Guatemala, Canada and multiple places in the United States. Because of the multiple talents in the teams with which I work, we minister to diversified issues and people groups. ... read more>>

Jenny Mellon

Farmington Hills, Michigan   United States

My husband and I went through a period of severe financial struggle as we were raising our five kids. During the struggle, I grew to know the Lord’s mercy, compassion, provision, faithfulness and empowering strength. I bring this into the ministry session. With God’s help, great shifts and changes can and will happen in the life of the receiver. Many of the women, I have ministered to, have experienced some f ... read more>>

Alan and Sharon DeBoer

Arizona City, Arizona   United States

We were involved in pastoral ministry for 40 years and were introduced to RTF in 2007. After receiving our own Thorough Format Ministry, we found this form of ministry to be very effective and certainly cut down on our counseling load. After “refiring” the summer of 2015, we felt the Lord lead us to be more intricately involved in this type of ministry and in the spring of 2017 we received the training ... read more>>

Virginia McManus

Federal Bay, Washington   United States

I love every aspect of Restoring the Foundations. I want to see every man, woman and child set free and continue to walk in that freedom. I love the fact when the RTF format is used it works because it is God-given. I must admit watching a nine-year-old begin to describe a hurt they received and then watch as God heals the wound and delivers her into His presence brings extra joy! ... read more>>