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PJ and Kathy Hanley

Saugerties, New York   United States

Restoring the Foundations is a significant part of our ministry in preparing the Bride for the return of Christ. We especially feel a burden for pastors who are hurting and not having a safe place to receive ministry. We prepare a ministry package for all of the people we minister to. In many cases the ministry time becomes the start of long term relationships. ... read more>>

Edna Riley

Abilene, Texas   United States

I minister with and build up ministry teams, doing introductory and training seminars as well as personal ministry. Some of the places I’ve ministered are: Kuwait, Mongolia, Ireland, Jamaica, Guatemala, Canada and multiple places in the United States. Because of the multiple talents in the teams with which I work, we minister to diversified issues and people groups. ... read more>>

Lori Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario   Canada

The fact that my ministry partner is my sister is not only a tremendous blessing to us both but it is a picture of redemption and hope within families. Our heart is to create a safe and peaceful place for you to encounter the Father’s love as He meets you in your place of need. We have ministered to a diversity of women with a variety of issues including addictions, relationship issues, emotional issues, post abo ... read more>>

Chris and Denise Savidge

Weymouth, Dorset   United Kingdom

Because we are free ourselves, we are free to help others in all areas of ministry. Through experiencing many of life’s problems, we bring much understanding and empathy to this ministry. Whatever a person struggles with we are unfazed by. Having ministered to vicars, pastors and church leaders in most of the United Kingdom church stream, we know that church members are impacted when their leaders find freedom ... read more>>

Bruce and Donna Kern

Sioux Falls, South Dakota   United States

Growing up we experienced rejection and abuse that opened the door to self-hatred, perfectionism, and rejection. Now through RTF we have experienced the Father’s love and acceptance. We enjoy knowing the Father, knowing he loves us, desires to prepare us as part of his bride. The joy of the Lord is our strength. Life and safety come from Father. He is our life, safety, healing, and everything. ... read more>>

Robert and Barbara Kirchner

San Jose, California   United States

Establishing a relationship with our receivers is of primary importance to us. We have a relaxed style and are able to put our receivers at ease by demonstrating that we are there to serve them and their needs by fostering trust and the understanding that comes when people are in a safe place. We’ve also discovered many creative ways to incorporate elements of Restoring the Foundations ministry principles within ... read more>>

Daryl & Lynne Hovey

Niagara Region, Ontario   Canada

Our passion is to help people meet with God about issues in their lives and receive revelation/ healing so each one can more fully come into his/her destiny, calling, and true identity in Christ. Knowing the truth about who we are and who Christ is in us is so vital to living victorious in Him! One focus is dealing with the thoughts and lies/belief systems that infect and affect lives and bring oppression. We strongl ... read more>>

Gillian Thompson

Erskine, Scotland   United Kingdom

My heart is to minister to those who feel overlooked or who are located in an area where ministry doesn’t necessarily look like we think it might. I am very laid back and easy going and most of my ministry experience is to missionaries in Africa, where electricity and other amenities are not available. I love that no matter if you are in the heat of the day in Africa or in a living room in England, God is the same! ... read more>>

Walter & Ida Cowart

Seattle, Washington   United States

Creating a ‘safe place’ so you can openly share your heart is our priority. We work diligently to build your trust in us. We encourage you to ‘prepare’ for ministry by praying and we suggest reading material to help familiarize you with RTF ministry. Being open and transparent with God, with our ministers, and especially with our selves, made our personal healing experiences very profound. We want that level ... read more>>

John and Barbara Briggs

Fort Mill, South Carolina   United States

For the past 25 years our hearts have been filled with compassion and the Joy of the Lord as we have watched the Holy Spirit change hundreds of people’s lives, set them free, and give new purpose and meaning to marriages, ministries and futures. Our years of experience in higher education has equipped us to meet people at their level of maturity, including pastors and missionary leaders. ... read more>>

Dick & Kathy Vogan

Berkeley Lake, Georgia   United States

The unique imprint of us in our ministry is Respect and value for each individual, desiring to see each one set free and empowered to fulfill the call of God and His Divine purpose for their lives. Our confidence is in God’s faithfulness to His Word His truth gives our receiver’s hope. We have a special connection to people who have been deeply wounded and our ministry has been shaped by our on-going work with th ... read more>>

Khanh Ho

Temple City, California   United States

As part of the Healing House Global team, I have brought RTF to different cultures and countries including Iris Global Harvest School students, missionaries and bases. ... read more>>

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