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Jeannine Dae

Manteca, California   United States

Because of the depth of pain Jesus rescued me from, I have understanding and empathy for others in similar places. My life verses are 2 Corinthians 1:4 and Isaiah 61:1-3.Now I minister with another woman who is a good friend. We both understand that sometimes women feel safer and more comfortable receiving ministry from other women rather than having a man in the room. My partner and I create a loving, peaceful, safe ... read more>>

Edna Riley

Abilene, Texas   United States

I minister with and build up ministry teams, doing introductory and training seminars as well as personal ministry. Some of the places I’ve ministered are: Kuwait, Mongolia, Ireland, Jamaica, Guatemala, Canada and multiple places in the United States. Because of the multiple talents in the teams with which I work, we minister to diversified issues and people groups. ... read more>>

Michelle Teague

Franklin, Tennessee   United States

I have a heart for women of all ages, especially teens, young moms, and women in the corporate world who feel stuck, overwhelmed, tired, and lost. There is no better way to see Him, and KNOW Him more clearly, than to be healed from what causes us to be stuck, and feel trapped in a negative spiraling pattern of seeing things through our own hurts, pains, and frustrations. It’s my joy to see God bring healing to th ... read more>>

Gillian Thompson

Abilene, Texas   United States

My heart is to minister to those who feel overlooked or who are located in an area where ministry doesn’t necessarily look like we think it might. I am very laid back and easy going and most of my ministry experience is to missionaries in Africa, where electricity and other amenities are not available. I love that no matter if you are in the heat of the day in Africa or in a living room in England, God is the same! ... read more>>

Ira and Gloria Brawer

Boca Raton, Florida   United States

For many years we’ve had a heart to minister to young people. The fatherlessness of this generation and our own past experiences of having “orphan hearts” gives us a passion to help young people connect with the love of the Father so they can experience freedom at a young age. We also have a heart to minister to other pastors and ministry leaders. From our own experience, we know that unhealed hurts will af ... read more>>

Rex & Suzy Schrolucke

Williamsburg, Ohio   United States

With pastoral hearts, we’re trained to do RTF personal ministry, lead seminars, and train others. In addition, Rex enjoys being used of God in short-term mission work and has ministered the Gospel in many countries, especially India, having a strong relationship and commitment to a group of pastors there. Suzy often reaches out to people with low self-esteem to build them up and help them see their true, God- ... read more>>

Lynn Eldridge

Decatur, Illinois   United States

My heart breaks for those sitting in church as a “defeated Christian”. Jesus did not die for us to live in defeat. He gives us victory and healing! I want Christians everywhere to know that God has made a way just for you through the work of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection. My passion is to bring RTF training and equipping to churches and organizations. ... read more>>

David & Jocelyn Barry

Fountain Inn, South Carolina   United States

Integrating Restoring the Foundations principles with the training we’ve received from Father Heart Ministries is life changing! By allowing our arms to be the Father’s arms, we’ve seen Him give much comfort, love and deep healing to our ministry receivers. We emphasize walking out these amazing truths and make ourselves available to our ministry receivers on a long-term basis if they desire it. Additionally, w ... read more>>

Karen Bensler

Calgary, Alberta   Canada

I’m the only Healing House Network minister in the prairie provinces! My vision is to train others and in doing so plant RTF in at least five cities in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. ... read more>>

Stuart and Helen Hammond

Stirling, Scotland   United Kingdom

As we received great healing from the Lord, He has given us a deep passion to minister to couples – especially those seeking to serve Him in ministry. Just as we received God’s passion to see His Bride healed, we have also witnessed many set free from life’s hurts; we love equipping others through this effective ministry. ... read more>>

Ray & Emily Duenke

Chesapeake, Virginia   United States

Every movement of Jesus on Earth was to reveal Father and bring us into His embrace! It’s still true! We know our identities as Father’s loved son and daughter and this impacts everything about us and our ministry. Our deepest desire is for you to know this as well. We want you to be free from performance, titles, shame, and the need for other’s recognition. We want you to receive deep healing and be free t ... read more>>

Tom and Pam Devitt

Eureka, California   United States

We are back in the Healing House Network after a hiatus, during which time Tom attended two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, in Redding, California. At his graduation, he received a prophetic word which said that the Lord had given him the materials to put people back together again. We love to present the RTF seminars and interact with people in a direct way, answering questions and developing th ... read more>>