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Alan and Sharon DeBoer

Arizona City, Arizona   United States

We were involved in pastoral ministry for 40 years and were introduced to RTF in 2007. After receiving our own Thorough Format Ministry, we found this form of ministry to be very effective and certainly cut down on our counseling load. After “refiring” the summer of 2015, we felt the Lord lead us to be more intricately involved in this type of ministry and in the spring of 2017 we received the training ... read more>>

Dick & Kathy Vogan

Berkeley Lake, Georgia   United States

The unique imprint of us in our ministry is Respect and value for each individual, desiring to see each one set free and empowered to fulfill the call of God and His Divine purpose for their lives. Our confidence is in God’s faithfulness to His Word His truth gives our receiver’s hope. We have a special connection to people who have been deeply wounded and our ministry has been shaped by our on-going work with th ... read more>>

Patrick & Penny Bopp

Fredericksburg, Virginia   United States

Our 38 years of full-time ministry experiences have been with people of all ages and backgrounds-primarily in the local church but also cross-culturally for extended times. We specialize in the healing and restoration of the broken-hearted in relational issues (singles and married). Penny was single for 20 years after her husband died in a car accident after just 4 months of marriage. We especially see fruit in helpi ... read more>>

Cathy Davis

Federal Way, Washington   United States

My heart is for building up and healing of the body of Christ, without judgment or condemnation because most people do that to themselves all too well. I provide a safe, loving and accepting environment for the ministry receiver. My ministry partner and I desire to see people set free from life-long issues and hurts, living in the freedom and liberty that only God can give. ... read more>>

Daan and Erna Lötter

Nelspruit, Mpumalanga   South Africa

Because of our, healing in this unique ministry, we concentrate on showing respect and empathy. We never let anyone feel shame or condemnation or pressure to change in any way. We enjoy seeing the ministry receivers hear the Lord’s voice and get His counseling first hand. We often refer to our role as just being the spanner boys to assist the ministry receivers to understand where the hurts took place and fac ... read more>>

Walter & Ida Cowart

Seattle, Washington   United States

Creating a ‘safe place’ so you can openly share your heart is our priority. We work diligently to build your trust in us. We encourage you to ‘prepare’ for ministry by praying and we suggest reading material to help familiarize you with RTF ministry. Being open and transparent with God, with our ministers, and especially with our selves, made our personal healing experiences very profound. We want that level ... read more>>

Cathie Hamilton

Hamilton, Ontario   Canada

Being a single mom of 3 awesome boys has made for a life of much learning, adventure, sacrifice, and trust. The importance of accountability, reconciliation, and forgiveness were key lessons learned throughout my journey with the challenges of living in covenant relationship with a body of believers. I believe that God has given me the ability to connect with the heart of another, no matter who they are or what the ... read more>>

David and Abigail Choo

Singapore,   Singapore

We treasure relationships, and while David is gifted in the practical hands-on mechanics of matters, Abigail’s are in the thoughts and emotions. Coupled with that, safety, flexibility, and individuality are the traveling foundations of our ministry. Gentleness, as well as hearing and receiving deep healing from the Lord are virtues we focus on and have been complimented by many who have been through our ministr ... read more>>

Melanie Johnson

Charlotte, North Carolina   United States

I have a heart for kids. I worked in children’s ministry for twenty years and was a youth pastor for sixteen years. I have a heart to see the Body of Christ, from youngest to oldest, walk in complete freedom and healing and be victorious disciples of Christ. Currently I minister Thorough Format with women to women; my husband teams with me for Issue Focused ministry. ... read more>>

Wendel Lewis

Palmer, Alaska   United States

Most of my work has been with men involved with IRIS Ministries. My desire is to be a safe place where I can help someone to connect with God and allow Him to bring healing in their lives. I am honored to get to be used by God to bring healing to the Body of Christ. ... read more>>

Carol MacNaughton

Albany, New York   United States

God has given me a compassionate heart, especially for ministry receivers. Sometimes God shows me humorous pictures during ministry sessions that reveal truth with laughter. I have experienced the Lord’s love through many circumstances; death of family members, family addictions, divorce and corporate layoffs. Always He has been there. ... read more>>

Gene and Trish Platt

Citrus Heights, California   United States

Our life experiences have given us great compassion for the hurting. Sexual abuse, ritual abuse, trauma and abandonment are God given components in our RTF ministry. We also have extensively researched slavery and racism and have a unique ministry in the black community. ... read more>>

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