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Rock Hobbs

Birmingham, Alabama   United States

Coming out of the addiction lifestyle myself, I have a deep understanding of the struggles men and women go through trying to get free. I desire to provide a safe and loving environment which really helps people to willingly dig deep to find the things that may have been buried for a long time in the broken crevasses of their hearts. Jesus paid the price to give us freedom but many times the enemy uses life’s ... read more>>

JongHoon & Inja Kim Lee

Cheongju-Si, Hoseo   South Korea

I (Lee) grew up without a father and experienced the loss of a father’s blessing, low self-esteem, insecurity, and passivity. After experiencing Father’s Love and Heart, I now enjoy life and want to help others suffering from anger, guilt, depression, defiance, fear, anxiety and/or identity crisis. The Presence and Love of the Father has transformed our marriage. ... read more>>

Warren and Evelyn Wright

Southampton, Pennsylvania   United States

Warren and Evelyn have both experienced profound healings from various traumas including grief, loss and an eating disorder (Evelyn). Warren is known for his compassion and wisdom. Evelyn is a prayer warrior who enjoys creatively sharing her faith and inspiring others similarly. We both have a teaching background and enjoy flowing in the prophetic as we co-labor with the Lord setting captives free. ... read more>>

Bob and Cheria Guier

La Barge, Wyoming   United States

We are in a unique position. For five months every year, we are intensely involved with training and assisting our Trainees to minister this life-transforming ministry. We use the other seven months to recharge our batteries by being with family. During that time, we occasionally do some personal ministry and/or training as our ‘battery recharging’ allows. ... read more>>

Hans & Theodora Oegema

London, Ontario   Canada

When we were children, both of our families immigrated to Canada from Holland. Hans has been farming all of his life! We have experienced pain and healing ourselves. Hans is a sexual abuse survivor and we have walked through many challenges raising our four boys. Our oldest son was born hearing impaired. ... read more>>

Steve and Faith Dodson

Thomasville, Georgia   United States

Due to our past brokenness, we bring compassion, love for God’s family and the Father’s heart in a gentle manner and relate well to people of all ages, couples or singles. ... read more>>

Donna Chapman

Washington, Pennsylvania   United States

As a single lady, I team with other women of integrity who are also following a path of personal healing through Restoring The Foundations. My ministry partner and I love to ‘co-labor’ with the Lord to bring His healing to the Bride of Christ. What an honor to help women, through “the integrated approach” of Restoring the Foundations realize who they are in Christ – seeing themselves the way God sees them. ... read more>>

Tom and Pam Devitt

Eureka, California   United States

We are back in the Healing House Network after a hiatus, during which time Tom attended two years of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, in Redding, California. At his graduation, he received a prophetic word which said that the Lord had given him the materials to put people back together again. We love to present the RTF seminars and interact with people in a direct way, answering questions and developing th ... read more>>

Barry & Sandra Falkenstine

Macungie, Pennsylvania   United States

Our purpose is to create a safe place for God’s people to meet personally with their heavenly Father so their lives are reestablished on the solid foundation of His love for them. When this happens, it provides the groundwork for the Lord to heal broken marriages, restore broken hearts and even bring physical healing. Besides, helping God’s people to connect with the Heavenly Father, our passion and training ... read more>>

Andreas and Susanne Vogel

Winterthur, Zurich   Switzerland

We usually give people that speak German and almost no English higher priority in our schedule, since there are a lot of good English speaking teams in the UK. Since Susanne home schools Aileen we usually minister to one person per week only (Ministry for a couple in two weeks). By the way: You find the RTF Website in German language under http://www.rtfdeutsch.org     ... read more>>

Stuart and Helen Hammond

Stirling, Scotland   United Kingdom

As we received great healing from the Lord, He has given us a deep passion to minister to couples – especially those seeking to serve Him in ministry. Just as we received God’s passion to see His Bride healed, we have also witnessed many set free from life’s hurts; we love equipping others through this effective ministry. ... read more>>

John and Barbara Briggs

Asheville, North Carolina   United States

For the past 25 years our hearts have been filled with compassion and the Joy of the Lord as we have watched the Holy Spirit change hundreds of people’s lives, set them free, and give new purpose and meaning to marriages, ministries and futures. Our years of experience in higher education has equipped us to meet people at their level of maturity, including pastors and missionary leaders. ... read more>>

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