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Craig & Wendy Bellis

Washington, Pennsylvania   United States

Our heart is to provide a safe, non-judgmental place where ministry receivers feel free to be open and receive healing and freedom in the broken areas of their lives. Since much of our pain comes from the people we love the most, we have a passion to see marriages and families healed and strengthened. We are also called to be instruments of healing for the pain that is caused by broken relationships in the local chur ... read more>>

George and Tamara Burns

Decatur, Illinois   United States

As a ministry team, the most significant asset we bring to the ministry room is the Holy Spirit. We also bring our life experiences and pain which give us perspective and compassion for the hurt others feel. Personally, we have met Jesus in the ministry room and experienced His healing from rejection, loss, alcoholism, sexual abuse, abandonment, shame, fear, and trauma. We have been told we make others feel ver ... read more>>

Hans & Theodora Oegema

London, Ontario   Canada

When we were children, both of our families immigrated to Canada from Holland. Hans has been farming all of his life! We have experienced pain and healing ourselves. Hans is a sexual abuse survivor and we have walked through many challenges raising our four boys. Our oldest son was born hearing impaired. ... read more>>

Ted and Lyn Allen

Spokane, Washington   United States

We have experienced and/or ministered to many struggles that are common to people today: broken marriage issues, broken hearts, abandonment, rejection, shame, grief, and trauma, all forms of abuse, fear and orphan lifestyle. We have seen the compassion of Jesus as He continues to reach out to bring healing and restoration to a broken life through a forgiving heart and receiving of the Father’s love. ... read more>>

JongHoon & Inja Kim Lee

Cheongju-Si, Hoseo   South Korea

I (Lee) grew up without a father and experienced the loss of a father’s blessing, low self-esteem, insecurity, and passivity. After experiencing Father’s Love and Heart, I now enjoy life and want to help others suffering from anger, guilt, depression, defiance, fear, anxiety and/or identity crisis. The Presence and Love of the Father has transformed our marriage. ... read more>>

Jenny Mellon

Farmington Hills, Michigan   United States

My husband and I went through a period of severe financial struggle as we were raising our five kids. During the struggle, I grew to know the Lord’s mercy, compassion, provision, faithfulness and empowering strength. I bring this into the ministry session. With God’s help, great shifts and changes can and will happen in the life of the receiver. Many of the women, I have ministered to, have experienced some f ... read more>>

Caroline Anderson

Forham St Martin, Suffolk   United Kingdom

During my childhood I had severe asthma and developed an ungodly belief that I was limited and “can’t do things”. God took care of all of that! He has enabled me to have fun while seeing His people transformed, and their businesses transformed too! I also do special seminars and “School of the Heart” which conclude with RTF ministry. ... read more>>

Glenn & Betty Metzler

Lancaster, Pennsylvania   United States

God has given us compassion and an ability to accept people wherever they are on their life’s journey without judgment. We have learned much in our family relationships and work with people through the years. Glenn was severely ill with rheumatoid arthritis a number of years back and learned much through that healing journey. He can identify as a wounded healer. Father has given us a special gift to minister and sh ... read more>>

Tim Turner

Hendersonville, North Carolina   United States

I minister Restoring the Foundations with men to men in the ministry room and also in outdoor tents and wherever else God gives me “divine intersections.” I founded a regional outreach program where our goal is to work with people from the start of their relationship with God on to maturity. Through our optional 2-year discipleship program, we house and minister to men, encouraging them to receive healing throu ... read more>>

David & Jocelyn Barry

Fountain Inn, South Carolina   United States

Integrating Restoring the Foundations principles with the training we’ve received from Father Heart Ministries is life changing! By allowing our arms to be the Father’s arms, we’ve seen Him give much comfort, love and deep healing to our ministry receivers. We emphasize walking out these amazing truths and make ourselves available to our ministry receivers on a long-term basis if they desire it. Additionally, w ... read more>>

Dennis & Debbie Jordan

Santa Maria, California   United States

Our one true passion is marriage and family. God has given us such a capacity to love and accept others without prejudice or judgment. We’re a team, with Dennis providing strong leadership and administrative gifts and Debbie being an encourager, motivator and connector. Our hearts are to be “a Dad and Mom in the faith,” loving young (and any age) couples God sends us. While marriage is our niche, we also have ... read more>>

Garry & Joanne Maddux

Greensburg, Indiana   United States

We minister to a diversity of people and issues, with a special heart towards those with deep emotional wounds. We’ve worked with children, teenagers, those in the business world as well as retired people, single individuals and married couples. We also have a deep interest in the prophetic, and love how the release of this gift can be a part of bringing transformation healing and wholeness. ... read more>>

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