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Having experienced ongoing healing also from deepest struggles, we know we won’t flinch despite what you tell us. We have the heart to help people young and old to meet, hear and see Jesus their healer and deliverer and also their Abba Father. We do love the thoroughness, depth and true Christ-centeredness of this approach, live it wholeheartedly and would love to help you be emerged in it also, to find healing and restoration.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, answering your questions, giving a hand to go on, or arranging ministry with you.



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Andreas & Susanne Vogel
Winterthur, Zurich  Switzerland
Healing House Network
About Andreas & Susanne

When we left Switzerland in 2007 the first time to fly to the US, we didn’t know about Restoring the Foundations (RTF). After two years of being burned out after working almost 20 years in finances, we had sold our house, to follow Jesus abroad. Susanne had given up her teaching profession a year before for our miracle kid, that the Lord had given us despite all odds and diagnoses after 10 years of marriage.

Then after a miraculous healing through Jesus in RTF within a couple weeks, we knew that we’re called to do this ministry full time.

We still love to travel as a family, seeing new places, meeting new people and sharing what God has invested in us. Our family consists of our daughter Aileen and little dog, that loves all ministry receivers… however it is small enough to be quickly tucked away.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

We went through the intense training (Mod 1 – 3) in Hendersonville, NC in 2008/09 and became trainers in 2009/10, and are qualified by RTF to do seminars and train people in both formats, beside doing normal and specialized ministry. Since 2009 we have worked as a team to bring the integrated approach of RTF to German speaking Europe.


Ministry Distinctives

We usually give people that speak German and almost no English higher priority in our schedule, since there are a lot of good English speaking teams in the UK.

Since Susanne home schools Aileen we usually minister to one person per week only (Ministry for a couple in two weeks).

By the way: You find the RTF Website in German language under