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Would you like to experience a kind and gentle Father who is FOR you because He believes in you? Have you come to a place in your life where you’re ready to lay down any arguments and meet God on His terms for your healing? If so, please contact us.  It would be an honor for us to assist you on your journey of deep and lasting healing, where you’ll discover your purpose in life and have the opportunity to embrace true and real freedom.


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Bob & Cheria Guier
La Barge, Wyoming  United States
Healing House Network
About Bob & Cheria

We are a man and a woman who are madly in love with our Father in Heaven and one another. But that didn’t used to be the case. We had a very difficult and hurtful marriage for many years. We also had many challenging relationships with other people.   Earlier in our lives, we realized we did not like people and avoided them at all costs; when we were around others, conflict inevitably ensued.  We thought they were the problem, but when we dealt with our generational patterns, flawed belief systems, and hurtful experiences, including deep church hurts, we started to look at people with God’s eyes and found ourselves loving them instead of avoiding them.  Our problems are not so different than most people’s so we are able to relate very well and minister to those who deal with rocky relationships and/or other painful issues without a trace of judgmentalism. Family is paramount in our lives.  Life is fun, full and has purpose when it is enjoyed with family. We love spending quality time with our son, his wife, and our three grandchildren.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

When we first became Christians, we were captivated with the miracles God did in the Bible.  Our heart cry was, “God, we want to see You do miracles with our own eyes!” He answered our prayers through Restoring the Foundations. EVERY time we minister to someone we see the miracle of Him showing up in that person’s life and interacting with him or her in awesome ways. We became Restoring the Foundations ministers in 2006, then later Trainers in 2007, and Directors of the Restoring the Foundations International Training Center in Hendersonville, North Carolina in 2008.

Ministry Distinctives

We are in a unique position. For five months every year, we are intensely involved with training and assisting our Trainees to minister this life-transforming ministry. We use the other seven months to recharge our batteries by being with family.  During that time, we occasionally do some personal ministry and/or training as our ‘battery recharging’ allows.