Dick & Joan Bowen

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If you are interested in finding God’s healing from wounds, His destiny for you or even just a Christian “tune-up” to be closer to Him, we can help.  Please connect with us.  We look forward to assisting you in your journey of spiritual growth and healing.

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Dick & Joan Bowen
Fayetteville, North Carolina  United States
Healing House Network
About Dick & Joan

We’ve been very happily married for 48+ years and believe that marriage can be the most fulfilling of human relationships.  We are the parents of two Christian married children and grandparents of two wonderful grandchildren.  Our son was a prodigal who turned to the Lord in a powerful way and has been on God’s journey ever since!   Our daughter and her husband met while they were in YWAM training.  Dick grew up as a Baptist preacher’s kid, and experienced a life-altering experience with the Holy Spirit when he was in his 40’s. His first career was in Pastoral Care, including being a Hospital Chaplain, and a program director of a Christian in-patient psychiatric hospital program.   Joan grew up in a military family and lived on the West Coast and in Europe during some of her earlier years. Her first career was in education.  In addition to the challenges of raising a family, she also did years of eldercare with her parents.  Our hobbies include:  Bible study, enjoying God’s beautiful outdoors and nature, travelling, gardening and volunteering.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

When we retired from our first careers, we wanted to do something together as a couple to bring glory to God.  We researched Restoring the Foundations and found it a powerful, effective Christian healing ministry.  In 2010, we became Restoring the Foundations ministers and seminar leaders.  Then in 2011, we became members of the Healing House Network.  We have discovered this Spirit-led ministry has an excellent structure, plus valuable equipping materials and training that focus on the needs of the Ministry Receiver in the four problem areas within the Integrated Approach.  These, along with a willing heart, help position the Ministry Receiver for a deep, personal and transformational encounter with Jesus, Holy Spirit, and the Father. 

Ministry Distinctives

Both of us have much compassion for God’s hurting children and a great desire to help Christians know Abba, Daddy and receive His healing, producing a personal, intimate relationship with Him. Our mission is to bring God’s will here on earth by sharing His heart and healing.  

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