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We believe the Lord has brought you to this point because He has hope for your future! He wants to bring you to healing, restoration and freedom so you can face the future with renewed hope and purpose and a deeper relationship with Him. We would love to take your hand in this journey to discover the fullness of His love, restoration and healing. If you are willing to take the next step and connect with us, we are ready to be part of the journey through the RTF-ministry.

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Christo & Estelle Theron
Nelspruit, Mpumalanga  South Africa
Healing House Network
About Christo & Estelle

We met at university in 1990, first becoming best friends and then soul mates, eventually tying the knot in December 1994. Even as students, we enjoyed being involved in various ministries at church.. When we started a family, we were introduced to Biblically-founded parenting courses and became involved in presenting these courses for a couple of years. We are now the proud parents of three teenage boys. They are our pride and joy! We enjoy spending time with our boys and their friends and support them in their various interests, including hiking, cycling, playing tennis, precision shooting, robotics and cinematography.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Between 2009 and 2010, we were introduced to RTF ministry. By the end of 2010, we completed training and started ministering together.  We were so blessed to have been called to this ministry as a couple. The healing we’ve received through the RTF has profoundly changed our lives and the lives of our children. We are called to be RTF Healing House Ministers and in the future to be part of equipping and training others in RTF ministry.

Ministry Distinctives

We have a passion to see individuals and couples receive healing and restoration and to discover a new, deep relationship with our heavenly Father. We personally know that a healthy, restored marriage is the foundation to raise godly children. Through 23 years of marriage we have faced many challenges while establishing our careers (Christo an engineer and Estelle an occupational therapist), raising a family and overcoming the hardship of depression, stress and workaholism.  We want to help broken marriages be restored and to see the parents are better equipped to raise healed and healthy children. We’ve also seen individuals and single parents and their children get healing through the RTF-ministry, so they can face the future with renewed hope and a personal calling. Currently we minister part time, but we believe our involvement in RTF ministry and training will grow as He directs us.