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Are you struggling?
Are you fearful?
Are all my dark secrets going to be exposed?
God is going to scold me!
Oh no, God is going to be disappointed with me!
If you have many fears and questions like these, rest assured, we have experienced the same feelings, when we wanted to go for ministry. We encourage you to take that step of faith and encounter a gentle Father that loves you so much, He has great desire to want to heal you and set you free from all your burdens and fears. We have experienced God in a very powerful and intimate way that words cannot describe, and most importantly FREEDOM! Come along with us on this journey and experience the love of the Father.
We would love to hear from you and journey alongside with you to your destiny that God has given you.


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Colin & Sheila Chew
Singapore, Singapore  Singapore
Healing House Network
About Colin & Sheila

Colin has been involved in church ministry since his youth days, he has always had a passion to bring God’s word and love to others. He had always struggled trying to understand why people had difficulties being set free from difficult relationships or in wanting to get closer to God. The RTF integrated approach had helped him encounter God in a deeper way, bringing new revelations that not only helped him but also others. Sheila is a trained psychologist by profession and has always had the heart to help others. RTF has brought great depth and understanding of God’s ability to miraculously work healing in peoples’ lives, where traditional counseling would take time to heal a person’s heart, she has learned the spiritual truths and principles which do set God’s people free from their root issues, which brings total freedom and restoration. Colin and Sheila have been greatly blessed by this ministry.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Colin has a strong shepherd’s heart, and it is through this passion to help our ‘sheep’ that led us into RTF. In the midst of seeking help and direction to help others. God has led us into a ministry that not only has set us free and restored our individual lives and family but has led us to be instruments/vessels that are used by God to minister healing and restoration to others lives. We are so blessed to know about the principles and truths about RTF. It has brought us into a deeper encounter with God and the Holy Spirit. All Glory to God.

Ministry Distinctives

Our calling has been clearly “to heal the broken-hearted and to set his people free” Isaiah 61:1. God has put in us a passion for reaching out to people. God has restored our true identity in Him, knowing that we are secure in Him and He is sovereign and in control of all that happens in our lives. He has blessed us with warmth and love, to teach and minister His love and restoration to others. May we continue to be willing vessels for Jesus and listen to The Holy Spirit’s prompting to lead us in ministering to God’s people one life at a time.