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Be it a time of transition, the beginning or end of a life season, preparation for marriage, or to deal with issues and blockages, there is nothing too insignificant or too big that God can not touch and heal. If you’d like to have a ministry session with us or to find out more, please feel free to reach out and we will be more than happy to connect with you.

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David & Abigail Choo.
Singapore, Singapore  Singapore
Healing House Network
About David & Abigail

We are a young couple with a heart to relate, and believe in walking the talk. We own and run a private counselling center that serves the marketplace, as well as a Christian ministry centers that trains, equips and ministers to people within the body of Christ. Through these 2 centers, we have experienced numerous individuals, couples and families (along with their children and youth) walk out healed, restored, hopeful and joyful. We have also trained and presented in government agencies, corporate companies as well as in churches, and have served in leadership positions on local and international associations. As a result of championing the cause toward the helping profession, Abigail was conferred a national award in 2018.
Exploring food and cuisine locally as well as internationally when we travel is our common interest, and we also share a love for nature, be it majestic mountains or expanse of the ocean.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

We were first introduced and trained in RTF in 2005, where we individually received deep healing and wonderful tools that have helped us on this journey of leading a victorious Christian lifestyle, resulting in beneficial fruit that continues to strengthen us even after we got married. We have gotten to know several lovely people over the years through both giving and receiving ministry as well as in our interactions with the trainers and folks at RTF. Many of those years were also spent hands-on in the running the RTF Regional Centre in Singapore alongside our parents who are the directors, training others and ministering, including traveling to churches in neighboring countries to get them started on their RTF journey. We were qualified as HHN International ministers in 2018 and are glad to be a blessing to the body of Christ.

Ministry Distinctives

We treasure relationships, and while David is gifted in the practical hands-on mechanics of matters, Abigail’s are in the thoughts and emotions. Coupled with that, safety, flexibility, and individuality are the traveling foundations of our ministry. Gentleness, as well as hearing and receiving deep healing from the Lord are virtues we focus on and have been complimented by many who have been through our ministry, particularly from those who have experienced family, abuse and trauma issues. We also work with couples and families in fine-tuning their relationship skills, allowing them to have better self-awareness and understanding of their marital dynamics and to develop strategies for healthy relationships.