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Alan & Sharon DeBoer
Arizona City, Arizona  United States
Healing House Network
About Alan & Sharon

Shortly after retiring from a full-time pastoral ministry, Alan began an auto detailing business.  One day as he was detailing, pondering whether or not to pursue this as a business, he felt the Lord prompt him that he should name it Master’s Touch Detailing.  This is something we enjoy doing together to bless others. We also love RV’ing and often take the motorhome out to have some get-away, fun time together. We treasure the memories of camping in the RV with our grandchildren.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

After working with people for many years and not seeing the effective results we desired, we were looking for tools that would allow us to go deeper in understanding the root issues. We chose RTF to minister with because of the thoroughness with which it deals with flesh issues, but also the negative influence from the Kingdom of Darkness.   We love the Biblical basis on which RTF was founded and continues to minister from.  As we consider the four areas of ministry and how they are integrated into our lives, we have found this to be a path to permanent restoration, instead of simply learning how to “manage” these behavioral issues.

Ministry Distinctives

We were involved in pastoral ministry for 40 years and were introduced to RTF in 2007. After receiving our own Thorough Format Ministry, we found this form of ministry to be very effective and certainly cut down on our counseling load.  After “refiring” the summer of 2015, we felt the Lord lead us to be more intricately involved in this type of ministry and in the spring of 2017 we received the training to become HHN qualified.  Our hearts are especially for those involved in full-time ministry as our own life experiences in ministry help us understand many of the struggles and heart hurts that come from being involved in full-time ministry.