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Dennis & Carol Cummings
South Lyon, Michigan  United States
Healing House Network
About Dennis & Carol

Although we live in Michigan, Carol’s parents came from Venice and Naples Italy. We would love to see those places and experience more of our roots. Appropriating generational blessings and breaking generational curses are part of the RTF ministry that we do. Generational issues are an integral part of our lives.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Our pastor nudged us into taking RTF classes.  We had been involved in various forms of deliverance through the years and RTF provided a solid format with more consistent results. Pastor’s intentions were that we would in turn begin to influence/train others in RTF. Therefore, in May 2006 we became a Healing House Network team.

Ministry Distinctives

Our first prophetic word back in 1979 said “Because of the storms that you’ve been through in your lives, you will be able to minister to those whose lives were all but shipwrecked.” How true that has been! We are not afraid to ‘war’ over and for the saints as they step into their God-given destiny. So, our ministry is called “Warrior Heart Ministries.”