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We really want to see your heart’s desires met, so please don’t hold back from getting in touch with us.  We would love to talk with you and help you connect with the process so you can get on the right road again and be all that you desire to be in God.  The call on your life cannot be fulfilled until the plans for walking in wholeness are embraced. We are here for you.

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Don & Iris Valley
Spartanburg, South Carolina  United States
Healing House Network
About Don & Iris

Don was saved at age four and Iris at thirty-six. We have spent our lives committed to growing in God and building strong foundations.  Don taught on the university level for 22 years and connects with people of all backgrounds, from the hopeless and broken to the confident and highly educated. Iris was raised in a single parent home where, at age seven, she was given responsibility for three younger siblings while her mother worked. This helped her develop a special understanding and compassion for those from broken homes and abusive situations. Don has a very mercy-motivated, fun-loving personality and a penchant for limericks and puns. Iris is an encourager with a colorful personality that radiates through her smile as she speaks the truth in love. Iris loves to read, especially books pertaining to growing in God.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

After receiving Restoring the Foundations ministry in 2007, we realized we needed deeper understanding and greater equipping for the call on our lives: to bring God’s hurting children, especially weary missionaries in need of restoration, out of bondage and into freedom. Having ministered as leaders in the church environment for many years, we saw that the Restoring the Foundations revelation would provide this in-depth level of healing ministry. Missionaries who receive ministry return to their fields rejuvenated, encouraged and in good standing with their spouses, families and the Father. Our periodic assignments in China and Eastern Europe – Russia, Ukraine and Latvia – have seen great freedom brought to discouraged and battle worn servants of the Heavenly Father.  Revitalized with renewed commitment, they return excited, once again, to serve in the calling of God on their lives.

Ministry Distinctives

We were deeply touched by the message of the Father’s Love and ministered some years with Jack and Trisha Frost (Shiloh Place Ministries).  Now, as we help each person “restore his foundation” by encountering Jesus and/or Father in each ministry area of Restoring the Foundation’s integrated approach, we are tremendously satisfied as we help them stay connected to God. We minister to many pastors and their spouses and find it especially encouraging to see them strengthened in the assurance of their calling and purpose as their identity in Him is further established. Once again passionate to walk out their destiny, these servants become the Father’s heart to those in their care. Personal ministry, seminar training and mentoring Restoring the Foundations Issue-Focused teams defines our call and ongoing destiny of building an army to overcome the enemy’s purposes against God’s beloved Bride.

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