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I have been healed and delivered of SO MUCH, have seen God meet SO MANY others and KNOW that nothing is too awful or too big for Father.  We are SO Beloved of Him – this Victory is available for EVERYONE.  He uses RTF to experience His Love and set us FREE and I would love to get to be a part of that with you!

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Donna Jollay
Caesara, Israel  Israel
Healing House Network
About Donna

I travel extensively all over the world, but especially between Israel and Kauai, Hawaii ministering RTF, helping build a Yeshiva (Hebrew School) for the Nations and Recovery Centers. I love bringing God’s Healing and Deliverance through RTF literally to the ends of the earth

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

I was raised in a family that abused drugs, alcohol and was very violent. For decades I struggled with relationship addiction, alcohol, drugs, and bad finances. Nothing worked until at 35 I had a radical Encounter with the Living God through the Holy Spirit. My deepest heart desire was to share and reproduce in others what God did in my life, but for many years I wasn’t quite able to do that- not until I found RTF. It is the only ministry I have found that allows me to ‘set the table’ for others to experience a life changing/saving encounter with the Living God who loves us SO MUCH!!! I love seeing Abba and Yeshua (Jesus’ name in Hebrew) meet women face to face in personal ministry but I am blessed to do seminars as well.

Ministry Distinctives

I encountered God’s love after growing up and being trapped in an abusive, addictive environment. Being raised in that darkness and hopelessness I had my own painful situations of abuse, abortion, suicide attempts, divorce and bankruptcy.  Being Radically Delivered out of such darkness has given me such an appreciation for life and for God’s amazing Redemptive Love. Even though it was an incredibly hard path with much devastation and destruction, I couldn’t even dream the life I live today and can honestly say it was all SO worth it.