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My heart is to help young women, start off their lives knowing they don’t have to be “self” dependent, but God-dependent. To help married women know, they don’t have to be in control to be happy in a marriage. To help older women, like me, to know it’s never too late to start again. God, has a wonderful journey waiting for you, it just takes one step. I’ll be glad to take that first step with you.


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Elyssa Emerick
Manteca, California  United States
Healing House Network
About Elyssa

I have been married to my high school sweetheart over 40 years. We share a deep love and respect for each other. Our children and grandchildren help keep us active as they share their lives with us. We love to be outdoors enjoying the beauty of California with friends and family. Some of my favorite things are relaxing on the beach in Santa Cruz, camping in the Sierras, hiking in Yosemite and sight-seeing in San Francisco.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

In 2010, as part of our church and local ministry team, we were invited to attend an Issue Focus Ministry Seminar. Little did I know I would go home with a changed heart and begin a grand journey.  I ended 2010 with a Thorough Format Ministry and it was the first time I felt such a deep level of personal intimacy and love of Father God. Over the next year, as God healed my heart, I was changed, which changed the way I related to my husband, which changed my husband, which changed our marriage and changed our family.  RTF ministry gave me a revelation of God’s love that brought lasting change to my life and gave me a purpose. I knew God wanted me to bring this healing to other women, to other marriages, and to other families. In 2011, I began ministry training, which I completed in 2016.

Ministry Distinctives

I was raised to be very strong and independent, and not to depend upon another person, especially a man. You can see the problems this could cause in a marriage. God began to teach me that I did not have to live my life alone. I did not have to be in control to be happy. I could share my life Him and others, especially my husband.  I began to see patterns in my life that needed to be broken, mountains that did not need to be circled, yet another time. I just needed to take that first step and allow Father God to help me and to let my husband help me too. It was ok to share my life and struggles.