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God has called us to a new season and new excitement.  We look forward to the countless lives Jesus will change as we listen to His truth and perspective.  Connect with us if you want to hear how God can bring transformation to your life and your family.

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George & Tamara Burns
Decatur, Illinois  United States
Healing House Network
About George & Tamara

As a couple, we have been married for 44 years with two children and seven grandchildren.  George retired from the construction industry, and Tamara does commercial real estate property management for her family.  George combines his love of fishing with travel and Tamara gardens in her spare time.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Our introduction to RTF came thru a bowl of popcorn and dvds.  WOW!!!  Our lives have been forever changed. Thank you, Chester and Betsy Kylstra for the path you have paved for freedom and deliverance.  Our family will be forever grateful.  The truths contained in Restoring The Foundations Ministry are the truths of scripture made applicable.  The truths started out as just information; it became transformation in our lives. God moved in and healed our brokenness.  We are lay people with hearts to help others walk in freedom and deliverance. In looking back, our connection with Restoring The Foundations was a divine setup.   We can testify to the healing power of God in our lives and the lives of others you take a step forward for transformation with Restoring the Foundations Ministry.

Ministry Distinctives

As a ministry team, the most significant asset we bring to the ministry room is the Holy Spirit.  We also bring our life experiences and pain which give us perspective and compassion for the hurt others feel.  Personally, we have met Jesus in the ministry room and experienced His healing from rejection, loss, alcoholism, sexual abuse, abandonment, shame, fear, and trauma.  We have been told we make others feel very comfortable which is vital in the ministry room.