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God Bless you as you step into deeper relationship with Jesus! He will honor your heart for wholeness. If you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to walk through Restoring the Foundations ministry with me, then please do not hesitate to contact me. I don’t always know where in the world I will be, but please contact me, and I will respond as soon as I can.

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Gillian Thompson.
Abilene, Texas  United States
Healing House Network
About Gillian

Since 2009, I have spent the majority of my life on the mission field. I didn’t grow up having a relationship with Jesus, but how amazing is life when we can feel His presence and know His voice?! This relationship is what gives me a passion to see people – especially youth – set free and walking in the fullness of who they are called to be – the younger the better. Although I currently find myself in Africa, my heart is for the people of America, especially inner city kids. The world feeds us – especially the youth of our nations – lies. We are constantly being told that we need to update/improve… our gadgets or constantly have a new upgrade. The message that surrounds us…is update, upgrade and improve. But what if God really did make us in His perfect image? My heart is to see the youth rise up and be given the tools to overcome any obstacle with Jesus so that they know their true identity is in Jesus!

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Restoring the Foundations ministry equips us to be fully who God made us to be! I have seen that “the integrated approach” goes deep and touches on issues from a variety of perspectives; it not only helps us get closer to the Fatherheart of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but also gives each one of us the tools to combat the enemy with Jesus. Restoring the Foundations helps us overcome the hurts we’ve received in the past and even those still affecting us today. God created an opportunity for me to become a Healing House Network member in 2014.

Ministry Distinctives

My heart is to minister to those who feel overlooked or who are located in an area where ministry doesn’t necessarily look like we think it might. I am very laid back and easy going and most of my ministry experience is to missionaries in Africa, where electricity and other amenities are not available. I love that no matter if you are in the heat of the day in Africa or in a living room in England, God is the same!