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Ira & Gloria Brawer
Boca Raton, Florida  United States
Healing House Network
About Ira & Gloria

As a Messianic Rabbi with my wife for over 24 years, we’ve experienced many relational challenges and yet have also become close with many people in various walks of life, including those with unique hurts and wounds. We too have experienced many hurts, but have also received wonderful healing and freedom. Ira grew up in a traditional Jewish home, but his parents’ divorce when he was 11 left deep wounds in his life. Gloria was sexually molested as a child by a grandfather. Both of us spent years in rebellion, involved in drugs and promiscuity. These experiences help us keenly relate to those with similar childhood scars and communicate that they’re not alone in their shame and hurts, but rather that there truly is hope and healing. Israel is close to our hearts. Our kids, grandkids and many friends live there and we love to travel and minister Restoring the Foundations there.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Our heart’s desire is to see God’s people set free and come into the fullness of their calling and destiny.  This led us to try various ministry approaches to bring healing and freedom. When we saw and experienced the fruit of this anointed and effective ministry, we trained and became Restoring the Foundations ministers in 2014.


Ministry Distinctives

For many years we’ve had a heart to minister to young people.  The fatherlessness of this generation and our own past experiences of having “orphan hearts” gives us a passion to help young people connect with the love of the Father so they can experience freedom at a young age.  We also have a heart to minister to other pastors and ministry leaders. From our own experience, we know that unhealed hurts will affect those we minister to as well as our own lives. However, if leaders are healed and walking in freedom, they will be that much more effective in helping others.