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Jesus told a parable of a man who sold all he had to purchase a field in which the pearl of great price was buried. For Jesus, you are the pearl of great price and He has given everything to have you. Make your journey into greater freedom and intimacy with God your highest priority so that you may discover how precious and amazing your really are! I would be honored to walk with you at this juncture in your journey.

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Jason Ghrist
Hendersonville, North Carolina  United States
Healing House Network
About Jason

Since 2011, I have been a missionary with Youth with a Mission (YWAM). I grew up in Kenya, a missionary’s kid. In spite of difficulties growing up, my journey has included meeting God in profound ways and also experiencing great pain and disappointment with God. Born into a medically traumatic situation that resulted in long-term infant hospitalization (my mother suffered a massive stroke due to my birth complications and continues trusting God to help her to overcome the physical disabilities she incurred), I wondered: “Is God good? Is He loving? Do I really matter to God? Does He care about my suffering? Does He understand? “ In the midst of struggling with these questions, I encountered my Heavenly Father in ways I cannot fully describe, yet His compassion, love and wisdom have ‘wrecked’ me (in wonderful ways!). I also love people and travel and trying new things, including exotic food, various cultural expressions of music and art, and exploring ‘strange’ lands.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Restoring the Foundations has been like ‘a master key’ for unlocking the chains that have held me – and others – captive. It makes huge Biblical sense that a person’s family dysfunctions, passed down from previous generations, can cause hurts and distorted thinking, leading to more brokenness and bondage and ultimately new hurts, which then pass down to the next generation. I’ve found Restoring the Foundations an easy-to-follow road map – with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and empowerment – for helping people find freedom and wholeness. In 2013, I became a Restoring the Foundations minister.

Ministry Distinctives

God has called me to help those orphaned in spirit. Experiencing ‘adoption’ into my Heavenly Father’s family and being parented by many wonderful ‘Dads and Moms’ who are part of the RTF community, helped my entire religious perspective to be turned ‘right side up.’ Before Restoring the Foundations, my thinking about God was profoundly distorted. I could not honestly relate to Him without the fear that He was more of a harsh taskmaster than a loving Father. God has challenged this thinking, not only as I’ve encountered Him in the ministry room, but also through the unconditional love and acceptance of His ‘kids.’

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