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We would love to help you in this journey to discover the fullness of His love, restoration, and healing.  If you are hungry to take the next step and connect with us, we are ready to be part of the journey through the RTF-ministry.  We minister in our home in the north-east suburbs of Melbourne.


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John & Joy Day.
Melbourne, Victoria  Australia
Healing House Network
About John & Joy

We desire to see people experience the love of the Father and gain the freedom to walk in their true identity with Jesus.  We have been married for 40 plus years, raised two beautiful daughters, and blessed with five unique and beautiful grandchildren.  We have experienced the difference God brings in restoring our relationship with Him, our lives, our marriage, and our family. We also love spending time with family, friends and if time permits golf, gardening, and travel.  The most delightful moments for us are with the family and the grandchildren, indeed a blessing from God.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

We first received RTF ministry for the hurts in our own lives in 2005 in Canada when we received healing from abandonment and performance issues, stemming out of severe childhood illnesses amongst other things.  The childhood illnesses started a healing process to walk out of the orphan lifestyle and occult influences.  These testings encouraged us for training in RTF.  In 2008 we were released to minister at RTF Issue Focused Level and in 2013 at the RTF Thorough Format level.  We became part of the Healing House Network in 2017.  It is such a privilege to see Jesus healing and digging out roots and taking the pain.


We have seen how faithful God is in bringing freedom to hurt people.  The integrated approach enables time for God to change lives and we get to see Him do it.  Our heart is to see healing and freedom come to people and for them to hear God’s voice for themselves.  We especially love seeing parents gain freedom so that their children can experience a Godly family life and restored relationships. Experiencing the love of God and healing releases people to live as sons and daughters and walk with Jesus in a living relationship.


Ministry Distinctives

It is an honor and a privilege to see how God heals hearts and renews relationships and knits people together.  We partner with God to find keys to freedom and to sense and feel where and when God wants more in-depth healing. We provide a safe and caring place for people to be transformed and experience a heart revelation of who God is, that He loves and cares for them and that He has a plan for their lives.  He wants to heal, restore, and set the captives free.  To heal the bruised, so a bright future is possible with renewed hope, purpose and a deeper relationship with Him.

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