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We invite you to explore the opportunity of the RTF journey.  It’s a divinely appointed journey where you exchange your brokenness and sin for His hope, blessing and restoration. (Just as we have done.) This is a process that starts in the ministry room and goes on for a lifetime.  His arms are open wide.  He can’t wait, for you have an immovable place in God’s heart.  Come find out more. We bless you with the joy of the Lord as your strength.


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John & Peg Connell
Chamblee, Georgia  United States
Healing House Network
About John & Peg

All of our accumulated experiences in life, work and relationships, our trials and growth in grace have led us to the ministry room.  God doesn’t waste our joys and sorrows but asks us to use what we’ve learned to serve others. John was trained as an electrical engineer and worked at IBM as a programmer and later as an instructor in the US and overseas.  He has a compassionate and tender heart which allows him to connect deeply with others.  Peg has a background in education and specialized in testing for students of all ages who struggle with learning. We are a safe place for young and old to share their struggles in life.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

As the result of a crisis in the life of a family member, we came to see the strength of the RTF approach-using all four areas in an integrated way- to bring healing to an individual. We were drawn to RTF because it was complete, biblical in content, structured in a textbook and formalized in a training program. We became a HHN team in 2015.

Ministry Distinctives

Because of Peg’s unique background in working with children, we enjoy working with them in the ministry room, as well as with adults/couples of all ages.