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God is awesome! We have seen Him do so many amazing things in our own as well as in hundreds of lives. This life is preparation for the next and we want to help people be free to be who God has created them to be – who they dreamed of being – if the trials and traumas of life hadn’t gotten in the way! This happens when the hurts and holes in our hearts are healed and filled with the awesome love, joy and peace of God. When we come to know our amazing, loving Heavenly Father in a deep and meaningful way, we step into all we were created to be. Please feel free to contact us. We are based in the Taunton area, South West UK, with easy access to M5/A303 by road. Bristol/Exeter airports. Taunton railway/bus stations. Local B&B available. We’re near to stunning scenery – Quantocks, Exmoor, and North Devon/Dorset coastlines. Combine ministry and a holiday J.


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Mick and Sue Taylor
Taunton, South West  United Kingdom
Healing House Network
About Mick and Sue

We were married in 1981 and have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.  Family is priority for us. We enjoy spending quality time with them, sharing hearts and building our relationships together as a growing family. We love spending time outdoors, chatting, playing games, walking, laughing, holidays and enjoying each other’s company and conversation. Mick is a twin who lost his father in his early teenage years. He received healing and now has a passion to see people know the Father’s love and get freedom from the hurts of abandonment & fatherlessness. Sue experienced trauma in her teenage years with her mum’s illnesses. After her mums healing her parents felt called to change from her dad being a headteacher and “normal” life to then became missionaries so the family moved to Brazil when she was 15. She saw how those in full time ministry – and their children – also need to receive healing ministry. We both experienced much rejection and abandonment which caused many fears. We have received tremendous freedom and healing. We love to see others receive the freedom we’ve found and become the people God created you to be. Our lives show, life does not have to remain the same – change is possible.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

We learned of Restoring the Foundations in 2006 while we were Southwest UK Coordinators for Catch the Fire Ministries. We were impressed by seeing the lives of people we knew greatly changed. We saw the evidence not just in the testimonies we heard, but also in what we saw: greatly transformed lives. Longstanding issues that seemed impossible shifted and long lasting – not just temporary – healing occurred. We experienced the integrity, thoroughness and anointing on this ministry, recognizing that Restoring the Foundations ministry is of a high standard. We realized we could trust it to transform our lives too. We were glad to be equipped with “tools” to help us continue to walk out our healing, making it a way of life – a victorious Christian life. In 2009, we became Restoring the Foundations, Healing House Network ministers.

Ministry Distinctives

In 2013 we were made Directors of Restoring the Foundations for UK and Europe. In our 8 years as RTF ministers, we have ministered to many people from age 10 to 83, from many different cultures and social backgrounds. We love seeing breakthrough and freedom for all, including young people and couples in crisis. Mick worked in the business world for nearly 40 years and knows the pressures that business people face. He also had hurts in ministry, both from leaders and as a leader, but has received great healing too; this helps him minister to others. Sue experienced living as a foreigner in other cultures and has seen the challenges missionaries encounter. She also suffered from many years of illness, including chronic fatigue and a heart problem, but is now well and loves to help others find freedom too.