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There is hope for your personal situation! We’ve not been in the ministry room yet where we haven’t seen God come in and bring healing! We would love to hear from you to begin the path to success in your life and marriage!


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Mike & Phyllis Best
Nashville, Tennessee  United States
Healing House Network
About Mike & Phyllis

Loving well, loving richly and deeply is our heart. It motivates everything about us. We have found that friendship is one of the most valuable, life-giving, and important things for us.

Living in community, close to our friends, brings richness, joy and fullness to our lives. We enjoy great weekends mesquite smoking and grilling, having nice conversations with plenty of laughter, a good fire, and maybe even some folks hanging out playing music. Of course, dark chocolate makes it even better!

Family is also a rich and a deep part of our lives. We love spending time with our three sons, their wives, and our grandchildren with plenty of opportunities to ride motorcycles, fish, ride bicycles, hike, and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Our marriage was profoundly and permanently impacted by our own Restoring the Foundations ministry experience in 2008. It was then that we quit our professional careers in engineering and nursing to help couples resolve their own personal marriage issues at the root cause. Restoring the Foundations works better than anything else that we know about. We taught marriage classes prior to Restoring the Foundations, knew the Word, but could not resolve hurtful patterns even though we knew what to do. Restoring the Foundations resolved some of our key personal issues. Bottom line: The integrated approach to ministry works.

Ministry Distinctives

Our hearts’ desire is to bless married couples and help them to thrive. Marital intimacy is one of the sweetest things on Earth. There is nothing like the closeness and warmth of being deeply heard, understood, appreciated, respected, known, and loved. Being loved well helps us to live well in all areas of life. We want to leave a legacy of couples loving each other well.

We are not intimidated by very challenging or seemingly unique issues. We are God-wired problem solvers and love to help people see and understand the path to success in their marriage.