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There is not a hurt or sin we haven’t heard of, nor anyone so broken God can’t heal. Healing and deliverance is a passion of God’s and we delight in serving Him to help you grow into your Lifestyle of Deliverance. Come and jump into His ocean of love, the water is fine!

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Noel & Cynthia Jacobsen
Olympia, Washington  United States
Healing House Network
About Noel & Cynthia

God often connects us with the ones whose hearts are hungry for change, but are afraid to try again. Because we have received great healing we are confident of God’s touch. Healing community is what we share and are continually expanding to provide opportunities for love, tenderness, laughter, play, and growing healthy relationships. Delight and joy are our strengths which comes from our commitment to see all His beloved with His eyes and heart.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

In 2001 our lives were forever changed when our RTF Thorough ministers utilized the integrated approach of the four ministry areas to break our ties with the enemy, heal mountains of hurts, then re-establish our covenant with God. When we both got connected to the Father’s Heart of Love we never looked back.

As we enter our new season with Noel’s retirement we are delighted to be fully involved with church based Issue Focus ministry as well as being qualified Healing House Network ministers since 2010. We also teach & coach missing Life Skills which is fully empowered by the effective integrated approach unique to Restoring The Foundations. For ourselves, and others, we have simply not found any other ministry that provides the fullness of transformative healing and restoration than in Restoring The Foundations.

Ministry Distinctives

After our years of hurtful beginnings we have experienced the astounding transformative love of Jesus. Our passion is in sharing His joy & revelation as we come alongside hurting people who are at the end of their pain and despair. Issue Focus sessions are often our starting place with people who are feeling overwhelmed.

It gives us joy to provide a safe, empowering place to meet with Jesus who guides the process of recovery that moves at your pace, allowing you to gain back your God given identity and begin the fullness of His great adventure with the best to come.