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We believe the Father wants to heal and restore, help and make whole and align you with Himself in such a way that His prosperity and provision can be fully realized in your life. We have watched the Lord do some amazing things for those who came with simple faith. Would you join us? We would love to serve you, to care for you and to set the table for you to personally encounter your heavenly Father. We are friendly, experienced and welcoming. Our focus is to foster an opportunity for you to have a life-changing encounter with God. We will provide you with tools to continue on your journey of healing. Connect with us!

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Patrick & Penny Bopp
Fredericksburg, Virginia  United States
Healing House Network
About Patrick & Penny

We were both widowed when we married in 1998. That experience gave us an understanding of the deep hurts and challenges that come with the loss of a loved one and shattered dreams. We have also experienced the redemption and healing that the Father desires to bring to each of His children. Our hobbies, varied and fulfilling, including gardening, cooking and being an involved grandma as well as golfing and writing. We love to travel and look forward to more trips around the world as well as seeing more of the United States.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

In June of 2014, we became Restoring the Foundations ministers.
We desired to be in a spiritual family that was helping to prepare the bride, spotless, for our Lord’s coming and to be part of a prophetic healing and deliverance prayer model. We found our place in RTF as well as a body that holds us accountable for the ministry we offer.
Pat has been trained in most of the major healing and deliverance ministry systems during his 38 plus years in pastoral ministry. Pat & Penny have seen unprecedented levels of lasting healing and freedom come to those who have received and “walk out” their Restoring the Foundations Prayer Ministry. We understand now there are essentially four sources of the problems all of us deal with-negative generational patterns, destructive beliefs, pain from wounds & hurts and evil influences. Each area is addressed in the RTF Integrated Approach. The results are speaking for themselves!

Ministry Distinctives

Our 38 years of full-time ministry experiences have been with people of all ages and backgrounds-primarily in the local church but also cross-culturally for extended times.
We specialize in the healing and restoration of the broken-hearted in relational issues (singles and married). Penny was single for 20 years after her husband died in a car accident after just 4 months of marriage. We especially see fruit in helping those with abandonment, rejection and neglect issues. We have a heart to minister to pastors and their spouses as well as other full-time leaders and their families understanding the special challenges being in the ministry presents.
Pat and Penny are also RTF Certified Trainers on the local church level and conduct Activation Seminars for Issue Focus Ministry. We have founded and oversee a team of Issue Focus ministers in our church in Fredericksburg, VA. as well as training and planting teams in Cameroon and the United Kingdom. Pat is currently the executive pastor in a large renewal church in Virginia and a part-time professor at Regent University in Virginia Beach. We provide RTF Ministry in the quiet of our home and work to meet scheduling needs.