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God cares, and we do too!  We look forward to hearing from you and discovering what God has in store. You will be received with love, acceptance, and forgiveness in a non-judgmental and open way. We recognize that we are no different than you, having to depend upon the grace of God daily. We are trustworthy. We are flexible and we can meet with you for a week, in weekly sessions or on weekends.

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Rex & Suzy Schrolucke
Williamsburg, Ohio  United States
Healing House Network
About Rex & Suzy

We’re one, having been married 50 years. We’ve raised two daughters and enjoy spending time with them and their families. We’ve been pastors for 44 years, during which time we’ve related to a lot of different types of people. After serving churches in both the inner city and a small town, we founded Trinity Christian Fellowship in Williamsburg, Ohio in 1983. Suzy also worked in Early Childhood education for many years and is currently the county administrator for a Head Start program. We both have compassion and empathy for those in need or struggling with issues as we value people for who they are and believe God can move in any situation. Suzy, an avid reader, is a down-to-earth, friendly homemaker with a gift for hospitality. Rex loves sports. In high school, he played football, basketball and baseball and also ran track. Currently he officiates girls’ softball and volleyball. Rex enjoys attending sporting events, especially when their grandchildren participate, and occasionally golfs. We still enjoy dating one another and love vacationing with our family – all 14 of us!

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Suzy’s own healing and deliverance through this ministry changed her life and greatly impacted our marriage. For Rex, other than salvation and the Baptism in Holy Spirit, receiving Restoring the Foundations ministry really transformed his life. In 2006, we became Restoring the Foundations ministers. We find this ministry the most thorough because it covers all the bases and it works. Restoring the Foundations helps those in need gain assurance of their salvation, brings healing and deliverance from bondages, and equips people with various ministry ‘tools’ to continue receiving healing and freedom on their own with the Lord.

Ministry Distinctives

With pastoral hearts, we’re trained to do RTF personal ministry, lead seminars, and train others. In addition, Rex enjoys being used of God in short-term mission work and has ministered the Gospel in many countries, especially India, having a strong relationship and commitment to a group of pastors there. Suzy often reaches out to people with low self-esteem to build them up and help them see their true, God-given potential.