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Ron & Jill Covey
Brockville, Ontario  Canada
Healing House Network
About Ron & Jill

Our passion has always been to create a safe place where healing is a normal part of one’s experience with Jesus. Our strong family values were forged early in our marriage after coming out of orphan lifestyles; we continue to find our value in our loving and healing Heavenly Father. Guided by the Holy Spirit, we’ve been married 30 years, raised four children and now enjoy nurturing our grandchildren. Recognizing that only God and the healing He brings can create successful lives and families, we’ve sought to teach our children to live for Christ in a troubled world – which has also seasoned us for ministry! We bought a 2 ½ acre property overlooking the St. Lawrence River (including a manse and church ripe for a construction makeover), and await God’s timing for its transformation, so many can come and experience God and find healing and restoration. As a family, we’ve ministered across the United States and Western Canada, teaching people to spend time in His Presence. Our vacations are mostly spent in the United Kingdom as we have family there.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

In 2008, we resigned our jobs and moved our family to Hendersonville, North Carolina, where, for five months, we received Restoring the Foundations ministry training and also home schooled our two youngest children. Our two older children also received Restoring the Foundations training and currently use these skills in the business world as ‘marketplace ministers.’

Ministry Distinctives

We love living and imparting Restoring the Foundations principles to all: family, friends and those with and/or without a relationship with God. We do this through personal ministry and also by teaching, training, and loving people back to health and wholeness. We often find God leads us to minister to those seeking to overcome dual soul issues and/or soul battles