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I have seen breakthroughs in the lives of ministry receivers who suffered from trauma far more significant than my own. The encounter with Jesus is always so incredibly sweet! With the release from baggage and increased faith in God, they are free to move forward with holy confidence. I would love to hear your story and support you with issue-focused Ministry. Why wait?

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Sandy Blount
Athens, Georgia  United States
Healing House Network
About Sandy

Although brought up in the church, I didn’t come to know Jesus personally until I was 25. As a young mother in an abusive marriage, I was desperate enough to go to a Bible study where I found His unconditional love. Jesus became my anchor through years of rejection and my compass to a Christ-centered identity. Years after the divorce, God brought Ron into my life as my soul mate and wonderful husband. We love the Lord and enjoy experiencing Him in worship, nature, fellowship, and Scripture. We also enjoy family, travel, photography, cooking, RVing, and kitties.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

I have served in healing prayer ministry since 1999, and have studied a variety of prayer ministry models. However, ever since I received RTF ministry myself, I understand the astonishing revelation that God has given for healing and deliverance through this integrated approach. RTF offers a unique ministry plan for each receiver and flexibility for the Holy Spirit to move within the framework. As an RTF prayer minister, I have learned to facilitate encounters with the Living God, where Holy Spirit can lead the receiver in replacing generational curses with blessings, ungodly beliefs with Godly beliefs, deep woundedness with healing, and demonic oppression with freedom. It is powerfully transforming!

Ministry Distinctives

I thank God for bringing RTF into my life to replace my distorted self-image with a true identity consistent with my calling as a healing prayer minister. Those who struggle with rejection, low self-esteem, shame, fear, control, and lostness have a special place in my heart. I love watching Jesus open prison doors! In addition to doing Ministry, I am also the Team Leader for RTF Athens, a community of prayer ministers from different churches and denominations who are united under the leadership of Christ to provide RTF’s issue-focused Ministry in a safe, nurturing environment. All of these prayer ministers are current in their Issue-Focused Ministry certification and committed to RTF’s high standards. I can minister to men with my husband, or women with either my husband or a woman from RTF Athens or HHN as my ministry teammate.