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No matter what we’ve gone through in our past or what we are currently dealing with, nothing is too big or intimidating for God to take care of.  He is longing to meet with us and bring healing and freedom to our wounds and the things that bind us.  I invite you to come to join me in meeting with Him and finding rest for our weary souls.


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Vinnie DeMarco
Edison, New Jersey  United States
Healing House Network
About Vinnie

Since 2010 Vinnie has been involved with Youth With A Mission taking multiple courses including bible, music and counseling, between going on many mission trips. Vinnie enjoys music and exercise. Vinnie ministers with his wife Liz who is trained in RTF Thorough Format Ministry. They met in RTF training together in 2016. They were married in April 2018.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

Our purpose is to glorify God through exploring the depths of His love and sharing that love with others by hosting His presence. We both discovered RTF on the mission field (in YWAM and Iris Ministries), and found it to be a really effective way to live out this purpose, bringing God encounters and healing to any who are open to receive it.

Ministry Distinctives

With our mission experiences and our individual callings combined, we feel led to minister to those who are struggling with relationship issues including abandonment, rejection, unworthiness and sexual bondage. We also have experience with ministering to orphans, trauma, grief, fear and forms of demonic torment.