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We invite you to join us on the freedom train. As you journey with us and with God, you’ll learn how to unload your emotional, physical and spiritual baggage. Your journey will restore you – one rail at a time – so you can discover a sense of peace, unspeakable joy, and the abundant life God intends for you.


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Wayne and Marilyn Gray
Woodland Park, Colorado  United States
Healing House Network
About Wayne and Marilyn

The enemy did his best to snuff the life out of us, but God intervened. When our marriage and our personal lives were black with emptiness and despair, the Living God invited us to board the freedom train and journey with Him. We had nothing to lose; wearily, we climbed aboard.

We understand – truly understand – your hurts, because we’ve been there ourselves. We’ve personally raged over childhood trauma wrought from abuse and domestic violence; been addicted to alcohol, drugs, and pornography; lost a child to stillbirth; weathered divorce, bankruptcy, and cancer; and survived quite a few of the darkest moments life can throw at a person.

Connection to Restoring the Foundations

What a journey it has been! Through God’s power, we have broken through –and continue to overcome – issues that held us captive. As God has been restoring our personal lives and marriage, He has also equipped us to help others in similar circumstances. Daily, we are humbled that God would use broken vessels like us to minister to other hurting people.

We know what it is like to feel hopeless, broken, and dysfunctional.  BUT God is a restorer of the years the locust has eaten.  There isn’t anything we’ve heard or done ourseleves that will shock us so don’t let shame stop you.  We are a safe place to hold your heart gently as God is the one that brings the transformation.

Ministry Distinctives

Our personal freedom train connected with Restoring the Foundations (RTF) in 1997.  It was transformational.  By 2000 we were healing House network Ministers and have been growing ever since in getting set free from trauma.