You have the option to apply for a scholarship or to apply for a payment plan.

Please do not apply for either until you have exhausted all possibilities for alternate funding sources.  Scholarship funds are extremely limited and application for either scholarship or payment plan does not guarantee application acceptance.

Mike & Michele Green Restoring the Foundations Trainers You may think you are here to be trained to do RTF — but I want to check that with you — you're here do be trained to do RTF excellently! And there's a big difference. And so we are very thankful to have a part of imparting 20 years of experience to people who are just starting out. Marcelo & Jaque Orsi Regional Directors, RTF Brazil Intense, powerful and life changing - those are the words that describe our time at the International Training Center. After 9 years we are still in love with Restoring the Foundations! We are a living testimony of a powerful and loving God that restores our lives and not just that, but empowers us to be His hands and feet. Tom & Pam Devitt Restoring the Foundations Trainers Training in RTF will teach you more about letting God do the work and letting Him lead than anything else we know.... Just the willingness in your heart to do it is all you really need to be trained. It's just an exciting adventure with the Lord!