Your ministry experience brings a fresh beginning, an ongoing intimacy with your Heavenly Father, and a freedom to live the life the Lord has prepared for you. Now let’s take the next steps—walking out that healing.

Getting free is crucial, but staying free is equally as important. Now that you are free from the generational pressures … your mind has been renewed to God’s truth about your life and future … your heart has been healed from the pain of the past … and the spiritual strongholds that you have struggled with have been removed … now is the time to make these changes permanent.

The enemy is not happy about your healing, and he will try his best to pull you back into old negative patterns of thinking, and he will tempt you to go back into sinful habits. Now is the time to strengthen your heart and secure your healing.

Restoring the Foundations has produced 30 short audio messages that will help you walk out your healing. There is one message each day for a month, that will challenge you, inform you, and help keep you on track as you move forward to walk in the fullness the Lord has for you.


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